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By Psypen pro
CBD Logo Design required
Akil Nurse paid $399 for a new Logo Design and received 154 designs from 53 Designers.
By Psypen pro

CBD Logo Design required By Akil Nurse

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Note : Design brief last updated on 24 June, 2019
Contest title

CBD Logo Design required

What name do you want in your logo?
Lotus Organix
Select your industry
Weed or Marijuana
Tell us more about your audience, organisation or product. Please also mention your special requirements
Lotus Organix is looking to enter the CBD space.

I'm looking for something to build a brand around. Something someone will pick up from a shelf/enjoy purchasing/owning.
I am looking for something elegant/clean/modern.

*It cannot have any marijuana related images.*

I like the idea of having the "O" in "Louts" be a top down view of a lotus flower but this is not mandatory.
Who are your top 3 competitors? If possible, please provide their links as well
Lazarus Naturals (http://www.lazarusnaturals.com/)
Charlotte's Web (https://www.charlottesweb.com/)
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
The message/mission behind my company is "Light from Darkness". I've chosen the Louts to represent this idea as it is a beautiful flower that grows from the mud. Our goal is to bring people from the mud/darkness into light and wellness.

I am looking to have a logo that can capture that beauty.
Where all will you use your logo?
  • (1) Merchandise (mugs, T-shirts Etc)
  • (2) Online (website, Online Advertising, Banner Ads Etc)
  • (3) Print (business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures Etc)
Required file format
  • (1) Jpeg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
Select the types of logos you need?
An image or shape that is easily recognizable is used to represent your business.
An abstract shape or symbol is used to convey the values of your business.
Visual brief - Styles
Visual brief - Colors to explore

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