Music instrument Logo Design required
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Music instrument Logo Design required By Jan Günzel

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Note : Design brief last updated on 8 January, 2020
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Music instrument Logo Design required

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I am building metal instruments. They are called "Handpans". My brand is called "Taopan". The instrument has a very meditative, etheral sound. You can check Taopan Handpan on Youtube to get an idea. I also shot some pictures of the instrument so you have an idea of the look.

"Tao" in Chinese means "Way" and is often used in spiritual seeking universal truth.

In the past I used the chinese symbol for “Tao” as my Logo. I am on the brink of distancing myselve from the chinese letter a bit in favor of a nice organic shaped Logo.

It would be nice to have the word "TaoPan" in the Logo plus a shape or “TP”. But I am also open for just the word. Its important to have a symbol representing the instrument.

The people that buy my instruments are mostly very open minded, spiritual people that are touched by the meditative sound of the instrument.

The instrument has usually 8 notes around the middle. The notes can be oval or round. If you make a Mandala these shapes should be in there :-)


I like to have a symbol that represents the instrument plus the writing "TaoPan" or maybe “TP”. If you have any other great idea bringing all this together I would be open. As you can see on the photos the instrument has a round shape and the notes can be round or oval.

The Symbol and writing could be organic looking, it could be like calligraphy from China / Japan (I uploaded a Font in the Pictures to point the direction that I like in case you want to try that).

One more thing: the logo will be best in black / white because I also want to use it as a stamp!


Thank you very much for all entries so far and sorry if I cannot reply to everyone! Also I had to cancel some designers out of the contest that was NOT due to not appreciating their work but to save them and me the time if the basic ideas are too far apart.
Who are your top 3 competitors? If possible, please provide their links as well
I love the work of for example Pantheon Steel:
The make amazing instruments.

Here are general Handpan Logos from many other makers:

Here is one with a Mandala implemented:
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
It should provoke a feeling of relaxation, coming back to yourselve, being more centered. It can be a bit playful, not too cooperate. Like a chinese callgraphy master painted it.
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Dark neutrals

Other colors: Its best one colored black because I want to use it as a stamp as well
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