The 21 Misconceptions & Myths About Logo Design (Busted)

The 21 Misconceptions & Myths About Logo Design (Busted)

A logo is a vital brand identity as people see it everywhere — on products, packaging, and various marketing collaterals & advertisements. Entrepreneurs and marketers know how important a logo design is for their business. But unfortunately, there are some misconceptions and myths associated with logos. The reality about logos is quite different from the myths circulated. 

Every business has its logo because it's the face of a brand that talks to the audience on its behalf. People use logos as their way to ensure that they are buying from the right brand. A logo, thus, becomes a source of building trust among target customers. Business owners also communicate that these products or services with this particular logo are theirs. 

But since some people ignore a company's logo as their ultimate focus remains on buying the product, they are likely to take these emblems lightly. 

This has given rise to some myths that build up more confusion, even in the minds of business owners. 

  • So, here are the top misconceptions about logo design that need to be busted.

  • 1. A logo must tell what the company does

    When small businesses look for a logo, most think their logo design must visibly tell what the business does. Many even insist that the designer include some products they make. Unfortunately, that is a widespread misconception about designing a logo. Such visual clichés make a logo boring, and people do not respond anymore, harming the very purpose of the emblem. 

    Instead, learn from the reputed brands that their logos are not what their businesses are about. For example, Hawaiian Airlines' logo has no aircraft, and the Audi car maker’s logo does not have an automobile.

  • 2. Company’s success depends on a great logo

    An overwhelming majority of small businesses in a survey wrongly believed that a well-designed logo is a key to a business's success. Well, in a highly competitive world, your business will be successful depending on the quality of your products. So marketing and innovations will also matter a lot. 

    So, a logo is a symbol that people can recognize your business. But its success depends on how popular the company's offerings are to the customers. Businesses still need a website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and word-of-mouth advertising to reach their target audiences.

  • 3. Trending designs make great logos

    Another misconception about logo designs is that they should be trendy to make them look impressive and outstanding. But the fact is that every trend fades away after a few years, and you're forced to redesign your logo. A disadvantage of completely redesigning the logo is that your target customers may not recognize it. 

    Therefore, a logo meets some fundamental design requirements and looks stable for longevity. Therefore, you will tweak such a logo a bit only even after many years.

  • 4. The logo should look classy and premium

    Some business owners think they need to spend a lot of money on their logo to make it look classy and high-end. But that is just another misconception they carry. It may be that you need just any logo as a symbol of your business in its starting phase. Even a simple logo created by a logo maker can make a great impression on target audiences. 

    Also, remember that the Nike logo was created for just $35 in 1971, and the Coca-Cola logo was designed for free. The Twitter logo was done for just $15.

  • 5. It does not matter if I do not understand the design

    Business owners typically think that if they do not know what they require from their logo design, it does not matter. They believe the designer will research and understand their business requirements from the design. 

    A professional will produce a good logo design only when you let the designer know your business values and traits. So, you need to involve yourself actively in the design process. Then, the designer translates your business values into a logo.

  • 6. Have the logo first before sales and branding

    Most business owners want a logo and spend much time designing it before making sales. But that is a misconception. Remember that meaningful logo design is lengthy and may take months. Many resources and creativity are at stake in creating a unique logo. 

    So, spend your time on product development, sales, marketing, and branding. That does not mean that you should go for a poorly designed logo. Instead, do not worry much about having a great quality logo at the initial stage of your business.

  • 7. It Must have a secret message

    One of the misconceptions most small businesses carry is that their logo must carry a hidden message. They probably have logos of FedEx, Amazon, and Cisco in mind. But these businesses flourished not just because their logos had hidden meanings. Moreover, does your opinion about these companies change after discovering the meaning? 

    So, feel free to have a logo with a hidden message. Customers are impressed more with the quality of your product or service. You can have one such logo but do not over-emphasize the secret message. If any other logo suits your brand, opt for it.

  • 8. A logo design should essentially use a symbol

    Another misconception about logos is that they should use some symbol to express a company's business. But symbols are not always welcome as part of the logo design. Nevertheless, some logos have indeed become memorable due to the use of symbols. People even remember the symbol more than the company name. 

    But, in most cases, symbols are a restraint. So, use them only when they can adequately represent a company. Many brands, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, etc., do not use symbols in their logos.

  • 9. A logo design must be a timeless piece

    Business owners often ask the designer to create a custom logo design that lasts unchanged for many decades. But in reality, all logos have changed their designs over the years. So, a timeless logo is a misconception. 

    You have to tweak or make major changes to the design to give it a refreshing look. Logos of global brands such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Shell, Nike, etc.., have undergone many design changes.

  • 10. Everyone should like it

    One of the most circulated myths about logos is that everyone should like them. However, that is true only sometimes. People want anything that they find valuable. Similarly, if a company’s products are helpful, consumers also start liking its logo. 

    Take the example of Bacardi — one of the world's largest privately owned spirits companies. Its logo has an ugly cat as a symbol. But people still like that logo since they are fond of rum. The London Olympics logo for 2012 was the most hated in history; still, people recognized that design with the top sports event.

  • 11. A great logo helps businesses reach great heights

    Most business owners think impressive and excellent logo design ideas can take their company to a new height in their respective niche. But the fact is that not just a great logo can help you achieve the desired success. 

    A logo is surely a business's core identity, but it doesn’t guarantee your success. Along with creating a great logo, you need to do many other things for your business.

  • 12. A perfect logo is a must before starting a business

    There are instances where companies gained success despite having a poorly designed logo. Apple’s first logo was not an example of a good design, as it had Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree. An apple was hanging above his head. Still, the company was a roaring success because of its incredible offerings.

  • 13. Customers love a brand with a great logo

    This is also a misconception that customers will love the brand. While an excellent online logo design drives our attention, customers do not make buying decisions based on a logo. They will buy only when products or services are helpful to them. Even if a logo could be better, people will still like the brand if its offerings are great.

  • 14. Designing a logo is easy

    Some people think logo designing is an easier job to accomplish. On the contrary, a logo design demands intense preparation from the designer. First, you must know a brand's personality, value, and target audience. Then, picking the right elements that reflect that brand's personality and the message is challenging. The designer has to devote countless hours and attention.

  • 15. Any logo will work for a company

    This is another misconception. Many business owners tend to undermine the importance of an impressive and unique logo. While a logo is not everything, it surely helps promote a business. So, avoid having just any logo without thinking about its design.

  • 16. Logo designs are expensive

    The cost of a logo design depends on many factors, such as the high fees of some experienced professional graphic designers. But small entrepreneurs can explore getting their logos designed at affordable prices. For example, they can go to platforms such as Designhill to run their logo design contest, pay a small amount of set prize money to the contest winner, and have an impressive logo. 

    Alternatively, they can use a logo maker online to create the logo using the tool’s drag-and-drop function. This is a way to customize a logo as often as you want to your satisfaction.

  • 17. Logos have magical powers

    No, logos have no magical powers. The fact is that people start recognizing a logo when it is repeatedly shown in advertisements and marketing campaigns. Remember that repetition of the visual is a key to recognition. When you look at the logo on a brand’s product and elsewhere daily, it is easier to keep that emblem in mind.

  • 18. A perfect logo attracts customers

    Another misconception about logo design is that it drives customers’ attention. The fact is that customers do not care much, even if a logo design is perfect. Customers will not buy products if there are no proper marketing, sales, and branding efforts from the business owner. So, there is no question of customers buying just by seeing a logo.

  • 19. Designing a logo is not creative work

    Some people think that logo design does not require creativity. The fact is a logo designer has to come up with brilliant creative ideas. Only such an idea can best express a brand's personality, value, and message for target customers. The more creative a logo designer is, the cleaner the design is and the more it can communicate with an audience.

  • 20. A stock logo will be good enough

    Often, small businesses randomly choose a stock logo, thinking it will be good enough. But picking just any image as your logo is not a wise move. People have already seen that image elsewhere and will have a bad impression of your business. 

    Such stock logos are clichés with no personality. Instead, get a uniquely designed logo for your business.

  • 21. A logo should be similar to competitors' logos

    Many small entrepreneurs think of copying their competitors’ logos. That is a surefire way to damage one's own business reputation. People take such businesses as less trustworthy. So, come up with a logo that looks unique and different from your competitors’ logos. 

    So, these are the misconceptions about logos that everyone should dispel. Make sure you do not fall victim to these myths and take your brand logo seriously. 

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Wrapping Up

People see logos as visual identities to authenticate their buying from genuine brands. But there are many misconceptions and myths prevalent about logos. Such false perceptions about logos should be busted to know the reality. This helps in generating more awareness about these crucial visuals.

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