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Restaurant Menu Design required by Choza Taqueria
Brendan Roche paid $99 for a new Menu Design and received 8 designs from 5 Designers.
Brendan Roche United States
“ Thanks Designhill team for creating a incredible menu design for our restaurant. I must say our new menu gives a new beginning to our restaurant. The design team at Designhill was simply supportive. The concept is so unique and fresh. ”
By Darksider pro

Restaurant Menu Design required by Choza Taqueria By Brendan Roche

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Note : Design brief last updated on 26 February, 2016
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Restaurant Menu Design required by Choza Taqueria

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Update - Some designers have asked about our logo. We don't currently use it on the menu - see the attached store photo - but happy to take your expert advice! Logo uploaded.

We're launching a new streamlined menu and need some creative input to make it (a) intuitive for our customers and (b) look great.

How we use our menu:
1. It will be prominently displayed in all our stores (
2. We will use it as the basis for redesigning our website (
3. We will print card menus that customers can take with them.

Design notes:
1. Colours need to remain consistent with our brand logo
2. Customers need to intuitively (and quickly) understand that they must choose a protein (e.g. carnitas) and then a meal option (i.e. as a taco, or a bowl, or a salad, or a burrito)
3. We want to avoid the typical design approach that says "step 1 pick your protein, step 2 pick your meal"
4. We want to avoid repetition (see attached example)
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