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Why Create Merch?

PrintShop by Designhill offers you a platform to bring your creativity to life. It’s like a blank canvas, symbolizing a new start and giving you the opportunity to showcase your artistic side. Customize a range of products with your favorite design, artwork, tagline, or just about anything and sell it to your fans.

If you want to grow your fan base and promote yourself as a brand, creating custom merch is the solution. Merchandising is a great marketing tool that will help in spreading the awareness about your niche and expanding your reach beyond your existing fan base.   

Launching your official merch for your fans is a new and fun way to connect with them. They are already following you and by purchasing your merch, they will start loving you even more. So, create your custom products and let your fans flaunt your name.

Do you know of anyone who doesn’t like to have an added source of income? Well, in today’s time nearly everyone wants to earn some extra cash, especially when there is no risk involved.  

Whether you are an influencer, NGO, a gamer, musician or anyone with a fan following, launching your merch store with PrintShop comes for free. Plus, you can set your own prices and decide on your profit margins, taking control of your earnings.


Why Open a PrintShop?


What is PrintShop?

PrintShop by Designhill is the world's most exclusive platform for artists where they can create custom products using their artworks and sell them online. They can set up their merch store for free without worrying about warehousing and shipping.


Why Create and Sell Merch?

Launching your own branded store and selling merchandise with PrintShop is more than just a side hustle. You get a chance to inspire and engage with your fans, strengthen your community, showcase the world your creative side, and earn more money by selling your official merch.


Why Choose PrintShop to Create your Merch Store?

By starting your merch store with us, you can customize as many products as you like, sell them worldwide, take control of your earnings, and tap into a bigger network of customers. You only need to upload your artworks on custom products and we take care of the fulfillment.


I Don’t Know Anything About Art. Can I Still Sell Merch?

Of course, you can. Irrespective of what your skills are or what your profession is, you can create and sell your merch with much ease. If you aren’t an artist or expert in design, PrintShop will get things done for you. We have a pool of excellent designers from around the world who are specialists in merchandise design and bring you tons of designs that fit your brand. Whether you are an influencer, NGO, a gamer, musician or anyone with a fan following, launching your merch store with PrintShop comes for free. Plus, you can set your own prices and decide on your profit margins, taking control of your earnings.


Will I Really Make Money with Every Sale?

PrintShop gives you the power to control your product prices and decide your profit margins. It also focuses on providing you with better commission opportunities. Since you are the creative mind behind your brand, you only pay the base price when you order items from your own merch store.

Making Money with PrintShop

Our pricing system gives you the flexibility to set your own prices and determine your profit margins. Right from the first sale, you start making money.

Base Price


The base price covers our service and the operational costs involved in making each product.

Your Margin Price


You have complete control when setting the margins on your products. You decide what you will earn from each sale.

Retail Price


This is the final price your customers see.

Product Selection

One thing that makes merch stores a success and their customers happy is its product range. To give your audience a splendid shopping experience, we offer a wide assortment of products that you can choose to sell in your stores. From men, women, and kids’ clothing to accessories and home décor products, we have it all. Not just this, but also we make sure whoever buys from your store gets maximum satisfaction. Hence, the quality of products is our primary focus when printing and delivering. We use the best of materials and premium fabrics to bring that ‘Wow’ factor in your product. When it comes to style and fit, we ensure to follow the latest trends so your fans look fashionable.

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