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Technology Mobile Apps Design required
Matt Griffey paid $1367.4 for a new Mobile Apps Design and received 5 designs from 3 Designers.
By Daeron pro

Technology Mobile Apps Design required By Matt Griffey

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Note : Design brief last updated on 16 August, 2018
Contest title

Technology Mobile Apps Design required

Select your industry
Whats the name of your app?
Briefly describe what your app does
It helps our customers gain access to their clients information while on the go. They can edit and upload documents from their mobile device.
If you have an existing website, please list it here.
What ideas do you have for the style/theme of your app?
We would like something that is not too overwhelming, clean, crisp and professional looking.
Select what device do you need designs for
  • Android
Describe your organization and specific set of customers.
We are a tax software company and have created an app for tax professionals to use while not in the office. I will attach the current screenshots we have in our app. We want to create something that flows nicely, looks professional and is easy to use.
Visual brief - color


Light neutrals

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