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Animal & Pet Packaging Design required
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Animal & Pet Packaging Design required By Jeremy Smith

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Note : Design brief last updated on 29 January, 2019
Contest title

Animal & Pet Packaging Design required

Select your industry
Animal & Pet
What is the name of your company?
Free Range, Inc
Link to your website
What is the name of your product?
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Describe activities of your organization or product and targeted audience.
Customers are neighborhood and small DIY farmers. Our product is the Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Its to automatically let chickens out in the mornings and to safely lock them up at night. A main concerns when keeping chickens is if you don't lock the coop door before dark a predator (coyote, fox, mink, raccoon, etc) will get into the coop and eat/kill them. This can be costly as the average person will spend upwards of $200 per chicken after purchasing their coop, accessories, chickens, feed, and other items. Chickens are naturally blind in the dark so they know to head into the coop to perch at dusk. Out doors are timer operated so they can be set to close shortly after dusk to make sure all the chickens are in the coop so the door can safely lock up behind them and keep them safe. These products will mostly be sold in feed supply stores and trade shows. So its important to easily show our product and what its intended to do so a potential customer wont over look and and their eyes will be drawn to it as chicken safety is the main concern when keeping chickens as they are vulnerable to almost everything.
Describe who would typically use your product
Urban Neighborhood Chicken Keeper, Chicken Keepers, Small Farmers. Adults.
Describe what you want designed
Retail packaging for our product. Its an "Automatic Chicken Coop Door" (Timer Operated). This is to be sold mainly to poultry owners. At this time we do not have a great photo of the product although a cartoon imagery might be a great way to conceive what the product does. Its an aluminum door guided by 2 aluminum rails. Its function is with a motor mounted above the center part of the door, will allow motor (with affixed lift line) to reel line in and out to open and close the door. Its overall purpose it to open and close the chicken coop door while when the chickens keepers are away, at work, sleeping, or unavailable to close the coop door. This is a convenience product but also offers safety to the poultry held in the coop. If a coop door does not open and close automatically and the chicken keeper fails to close the door after dark they risk a predator (fox, coyote, raccoon, mink, other domestic animals/pets) getting into the coop and killing what they have invested in their flock. This product is made of metal (aluminum) for a durable and sturdy design/install. Its also meant for interior install. It supports coop door openings of 10"X10" to 22"Tall X 10"Wide. Our goal is to describe the purpose of our product (meeting the needs a poultry owner might not know they have) and also explain or depict with imagery how the product functions (Motor reeling line up and down and is centered above sliding door, Image will be attached). It also wouldn't be a bad idea on the back of the product packaging to show the steps involved with installing the product. We want it to seem as simple as possible so anyone can do it. If imagery is not good quality a cartoon depicting the functions would be best. The box can reference our website:

There also can be chickens on the packaging to draw the attention of chicken owners. 80% of our customers live in urban neighborhoods and have small size chicken coops. A small percentage is actually rural/ "farmers". So our goal is more to target the larger audience.

The logo character is one we had created awhile back which can be used on the packaging but is not entirely necessary.

We for see our product being sold in feed supply stores and maybe a few big box retailers such as Tractor Supply.

Bullet pints on packaging might say something like:
Heavy Duty Motor - Lifts up to 15 pounds
Sleep in longer - timer operated to open/close at the times you set
Peace of mind - relax knowing your coop will be safely locked up every night
Installs in minutes
1 Year Warranty

Features might be:
Adjustable height for door opening
Programmable timer

Other suggestions are welcomed as well.

A PDF copy of the instructions has been included but here is a text copy incase you want to copy/paste it:
Automatic Chicken Coop Door Instructions
• 1/2” drill bit
• Jigsaw or other wood cutting tool
• Knife or Small Scissors
• Level
• Pencil/Marker
• Philips Screw Driver +
• Tape Measure

Directions: Your door must be installed in a true vertical position otherwise it will not work properly. Please check with a level.
1. Cutting Door Opening: On your coop wall trace the dimensions needed for your chickens to pass through. Recommended dimensions are 10”X10”. Its best to leave a 1-2” spacing from floor level in you coop to allow the sliding door to close all the way despite and debris created by your poultry. For larger poultry you can cut the hole at 12”T X 10”W.
2. Using (recommended ½”) drill bit, drill in all four corners of your traced box. Now with a jig saw or other desired cutting tool, cut along your traced line starting inside the drilled holes. These will make it easier to cut.
3. After cutting the opening remove any splintering or fraying to keep a professional looking install.
4. Door & Tracks Installation: Now on the inside of the coop install the track pieces by screwing the tracks to the coop wall (be sure the door is installed between the tracks while installing). The outer edges of the tracks should be exactly 15” apart at the top and bottom of the tracks. You will want to use a level to be sure the tracks are straight up and down. If you cut your hole higher off floor level you will want to adjust the tracks so the door lowers slightly (1”) passed the bottom of the door opening. This will keep anything from reaching under the door from the outside of the coop to lift it.
5. Motor: Using the Motor instructions mount the motor centered above the aluminum door. For best results, install motor so the bottom is 30” from the bottom of the tracks (although this is customizable for specific size coops as you can lift the door higher if needed).
6. After installing the motor and lift line, affix the provided cotter pin to the end of the lift line. Allow the cotter pin to clip onto the ring at the top of the door. This will allow the door to easily release if it ever binds, rather than cause damage to the motor.
7. Now set the actuators (black dial on motor) using the motors directions to tell it how high & low to reel the door.
8. Timer: After that is completed the last step is to plug the motor into your controller or timer. To use a timer you need two (2) on/off times set. Example OPENING: 6AM ON, 6:05AM OFF; Plus then also set CLOSING: 8PM ON, 8:05PM OFF.
9. Test: Cycle the door a few times before leaving unattended to be sure the timer or controller operates when it’s supposed to.
Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Packaging Dimensions: 24" X 12" X 4" The 4" can be shrunk to 3.5" if needed. Current Packaging opens in the center of 24" X 12". This means is not end load boxes.

A photo of similar item we are imitating is provided.
Any helpful content you want to provide to designers for your packaging design.
There is a photo of packaging on a similar item included with the images. This is something we are imitating but also competing with.
Know the dimensions?
Packaging Dimensions: 24"X12"X4"
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color


What name do you want in your logo?
Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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