By Cyrus Roy pro
Box/Package for a Spill-proof Bottle Cap with Built-in Reusable Straw
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Allison Szap United States
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By Cyrus Roy pro

Box/Package for a Spill-proof Bottle Cap with Built-in Reusable Straw By Allison Szap

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Box/Package for a Spill-proof Bottle Cap with Built-in Reusable Straw

Select your industry
Other :
What is the name of your product?
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What is the name of your company?
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ZippyPlanet, LLC
Describe what you want designed
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1.We would like a folding carton box package for our ZippyCap, with 4 sides. Video of product:

2.The box needs to clearly demonstrate what our product is visually, and how it works with a few short illustrations and steps that hopefully explains or demonstrates the main parts of the video and it's unique features.

3.We have several features that we would like to be stated/demonstrated in a clear and concise and visual way if possible. Please be creative here, I know it is a lot for a small package.

4.It needs to include our tag line near the name which is: "Twist and Go", and an icon that it is "made in the USA" (a flag in the shape of the United States please) and Patent Pending.

5.The most important features needed are that it fits almost all standard bottles, makes them spill proof, has a built in straw, keeps the straw clean with a twist top, and is convenient as it can attach to your keys.

Suggestions, based on what we have been seeing and liking so far regarding the package:

-Front: Picture of ZippyCap on a water bottle, like the pic of it on Fiji, however we can't have Fiji brand. So make a illustration of a bottle with ZippyCap on it. Also on the front it should say ZippyCap, with out tagline, "Twist and Go". Also this copy "Reusable Cap with Built in Silicone Straw". Somewhere also say it is "Universal Fit" (meaning the cap fits most standard bottles. Lastly on the front, show icons for what is is best used for: Driving, at the Gym/Cardio Equipment, Travel (airplane), and Boating.

-Side panels- need to have one side show how it is used in 3 steps. 1. Unscrew From Case. 2. Push and Screw onto Bottle. 3. Twist Open Top Germ Shield to reveal straw. These steps should be illustrated similarly to the video hands. Another side should demonstrate it's "3-in-1 Uses": Illustration of it on a Water bottle (tall) under it say "Still Drinks", Seltzer bottle (shorter and clearly bubbly/carbonated) under say "Carbonated", and third use is the straw by itself without the cap in a tall coffee tumbler/stander cup and say "Tumbler/Cup". On the same side panel have a pic of it attached to keychain with caption "Easy to Carry"

-Back panel- this is going to list all the features, with the picture of the ZippyCap I provided with the blue straw wavy coming out of the case. List each feature on either side of the picture and draw a line from feature to the specific part of the product the feature is describing. This is the list of features:

Twist Top Blocks Germs and Spills- point to the top of the cap near the strawUniversal Fit Spill-Proof Cap - point to the center of the capDual Position Air Flow Control Valve (point to the ridge on the straw underneath the cap where straw and cap meetSelf Expanding Silicone Straw- point to the middle of the strawConvenient Carrying Case. Floats your keys in water too! - point to the carrying caseStainless Steel Keychain/Bag Clip - point to the silver clip

6.We want it to have an earthy/water/sporty/travel vibe, as this is a drinking straw designed for water bottles and replacing single use plastic straws, but is also going to be made with recycled plastic.

8.It will also include a cleaning squeegee inside the case- try to mention that too with a picture of it maybe. I included a picture of everything included, the squeegee is flexible and can be folded to fit inside one of the box corners, and the clip can just sit on top or underneath the case I suppose.

What styles would you like designers to explore?
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Link to your website
Describe who would typically use your product
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The target audience is 18-35 year old men and women. People who like to travel, work out, use reusable straws, care about the environment, etc. We envision people using our product while driving or at the gym on a treadmill or spin bike for example, keeping their bottle from spilling but also making it easier to drink while on the go or moving.

Is there anything designers should avoid?
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don't show brands from any water bottles

Any helpful content you want to provide to designers for your packaging design.
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You will need a password to enter my website, however understand the website is not fully complete. We need to update a few more of the product photos still. Message me for the password if you would like to look at our draft website to see the font and style we use. The features I attached are a screenshot from the website, so you can see the type of font used.

Video of ZippyCap in use:

Know the dimensions?
bell-iconLast Modified on December 29, 2020, 03:03 am

ZippyCap in the storage case, is a cylinder 6.7cm tall and 3.6cm in diameter. We would like the package to be a tightly fitting box so we don't need plastic to hold it in place, similar to a product on the market called "FinalStraw", which we attached for reference.

Visual Brief - Style
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Visual Brief - Color
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Dark neutrals

Let designers make suggestions

Visual Brief - Font
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Other fonts: I use a Shopify site builder with the following typography: Headings and Buttons: Varela Round / Regular Body Text: Open Sans / Regular
Required file format (Packaging Design)
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  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png
  • (5) Pdf
  • (6) Eps

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