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Enroll in Benefits Online! Pitch Deck for Steele, a Benefits Administration & Communication Company
Wesley Steele paid $350 for a new Powerpoint Design and received 7 designs from 4 Designers.

Enroll in Benefits Online! Pitch Deck for Steele, a Benefits Administration & Communication Company By Wesley Steele

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Note : Design brief last updated on 8 May, 2019
Contest title

Enroll in Benefits Online! Pitch Deck for Steele, a Benefits Administration & Communication Company

What is your organization name?
Steele Benefit Services
Describe what your organization or product does and its target audience
Target Market: Employers with 250 – 5,000 employees. Competitors: Benefitfocus, Hodges Mace.

About Steele:
Our aim is to create financial prosperity for employees and employers. We accomplish this by providing a first class benefit communication, benefit enrollment, and benefit administration experience. We help employees get the most out of the benefits their employers offer. We also help employees to appreciate their employer in the process. This engagement can reduce turnover at employers and help companies be more efficient and profitable as a result. Our services help employees make the right benefit choices for their families and helps employees be financially well as a result.

Our Three Uniques:
1. Effective, low cost technology solution
2. Responsive and personal service
3. Choice of enrollment method: self service online enrollment, on-site enrollment, call center enrollment

Our Proven Process: Demo, Service Selection, Kickoff, Workbook, Build, Testing, Enrollment, Service
Select your industry
Describe your powerpoint design requirements
I want a more beautiful version of the attached presentation. I'm looking for clean slides with minimal text, and with colors that have a consistent feel with our website No font sizes smaller than 40 point. 35 if you have to, but keep the font large.

Criteria for selecting a winning design: 80% based on graphic template created, and 20% based on how well the slides tell our story. My thought is that we can change text in templates you build/ build on the story, but we won't be able to beautify it in house. So really what I'm wanting is a set of slides consistent with our brand that sets up our ability to tell our story (or tells it).

Must include features in powerpoint design
At a minimum, redesign attached Powerpoint. If you can incorporate any of the above context/content, that would be phenomenal.
Things you do not want included in powerpoint design.
Text heavy slides. Too much stock photography of unnatural looking people! Do not include pictures of people wearing ties. Want this to be about the client, not about Steele (so avoid pictures of people looking like they are selling insurance or benefits).
Any helpful content you want to provide to designers for your powerpoint design
Montserrat or Arial font. Or something comparable.
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color
Other colors: see Some of the colors #5f8ebb, #e3a225, #8ca1ab, #f4d045. Be careful with too much yellow. Designers free to make suggestions. Creative discretion allowed.
Required file format (Powerpoint Design)
  • (1) Other - .PPTX

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