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Let’s be stupid together!

Friends are birds of the same feather. Whether it is creating ruckus in the class or gossiping, racing each other or backing one another when in trouble, friends tend to do things together. So why not wear the stupid t-shirts from our wide range of collection together. Browse through the available collection at Designhill or get your own stupid shirts customized.

Have a punchline? Get custom-made shirts for your group

Inside jokes and punchlines are one of the binding agents of a group. Order stupid people t shirts with a custom punchline or doodle that only your group of friends can relate to. What better way to connect and show a united front than wearing matching t shirts that let you be stupid in your own charming way. Create great memories of your college days with our amazing stupid t shirts that you can laugh upon and share anecdotes later in your life.

Why the sudden fad for everything stupid?

Several high-school and college-going teens are suddenly looking for funny and unique tees that will make them stand apart in a crowd. We at Designhill have an extensive collection of such stupid t-shirts that are sure to make you stand head above shoulders than your peer group and classmates. Stupid is not a derogatory word when it comes to buying tees that have funny one-liners printed on them. Wear our stupid prints and come across as quick-witted rather than dumb. Millennials are always looking for something idiosyncratic that will define their style and these stupid people t shirts are your perfect solution.

When and where do these stupid t shirts work?

There are several occasions where you can wear the stupid t-shirts for quick laughs. You can choose from the extensive range of t-shirts available at Designhill that are created by some very talented artists. Be it a birthday, or just any other day, the stupid t shirts look great on anyone and everyone.

Prank gifting

You can never go wrong with gifting stupid people t shirts to your friends as a prank. Choose an amusing print with a chuckle-worthy one-liner and gather great compliments for your sense of humour.


Custom created stupid t-shirts are a great option when looking to buy t shirts for your friend’s bachelorette party. Browse through our existing collection or get a customized t-shirt for your friend’s special occasion and create a lifetime of memories.

College trips

You can also find some unique yet hilarious stupid t shirts on Designhill for your next college trip. Wear comical t shirts along with your friends that are fit to cause a laughing riot.

Informal daily wear

Not everyone needs a special occasion to be stupid. You can also wear our stupid people t shirts every day without having to worry about the colours fading or the prints becoming distorted.

Make a style statement and be unique by wearing the quirky t-shirts available at the Print Shop by Designhill and be your own version of stupid!


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Keyword: stupid
Product: t-shirts
Stupid Be You! Women's Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirtStupid Be You!
Be You! Women's Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirt
NOT WITH STUPID Kids Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Stupid Monday Should Be Optional Funny Dinosaur Kids Premium T-ShirtStupid Monday Should Be Optional Funny Dinosaur
monday should be optional funny dinosaur Kids Premium T-Shirt
Stupid Never Give Up Women's Fashion Fit T-ShirtStupid Never Give Up
never give up Women's Fashion Fit T-Shirt
Allergic To Stupid Kids Premium T-ShirtAllergic To Stupid
Allergic to stupid Kids Premium T-Shirt
Stupid Wake Up Andorkout Unisex Softstyle T-shirtStupid Wake Up Andorkout
Wake up andorkout Unisex Softstyle T-shirt
Sedate Stupid Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirtSedate Stupid
Sedate Stupid Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt
You Are So Stupid Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirtYou Are So Stupid
You are so stupid Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt
Stupid Drink Up Butter Up Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirtStupid Drink Up Butter Up
Drink up butter up Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt
Love Is Stupid (Colorful) Youth Short Sleeve T-ShirtLove Is Stupid (Colorful)
Love is stupid (Colorful) Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Love Is Stupid (PINK) Youth Short Sleeve T-ShirtLove Is Stupid (PINK)
Love is stupid (PINK) Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt
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