A4 Paper Size
A4 paper size

A4 Size Paper: It’s time to skyrocket your branding!

A4 paper is the widely used paper size that you can use in a variety of ways for branding purposes.

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Why you need A4 size paper

A4 dimensions measure 21.0 X 29.7 cm. It’s the most widely used size around the world. This paper size is widely accepted with exceptions like the United States, some parts of Mexico, and Canada. As compared to letter paper size, A4 paper is a bit longer but shorter than the Legal size. It’s a bit narrower than both Letter and Legal. A4 size has wide applications across personal and professional settings. From resumes to flyers, magazines, and catalogs, this paper size can be used in a variety of promotional materials.

A4 dimensions

The standard dimensions of A4 paper are:

A4 21 x 29.7 cm
DL 22 x 11 cm

Great resume size Examples

A4 paper size
A4 paper dimension
a4 dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

A4 paper size best practices for printing


Don’t fill up space just for the sake of filling

Your document should have white spaces to make it look readable. Don’t go on filling every square centimeter of your document with images, text, etc. Increase the margins of your A4 document as it enhances its visual appearance.


Say ‘NO’ to fancy formatting

Volume doesn’t justify the quality. So don’t shy away from editing intensely to keep the look of your content right. Stay away from unnecessary decorations. As a rule of thumb, don’t use more than two typefaces. Don’t add colors and images into your A4 size doc unless it’s relevant to the material.


Pay close attention to detail

Many A4 size documents are spoiled by unnecessary changes either in type sizes or typefaces. Go for document styles to cut off the likelihood of such things.Also, watch out the heading sizes, single lines of text appearing on the top/bottom or a page, and margins.Don’t forget to use the spell checker to look for spelling errors.


Stay away from unclear hierarchy

Readers consume any A4 size paper document in a leaner manner. Therefore, you need to set up a straight hierarchical reading. Keep the most important information on top; divide headings into different sizes and subsections. Also, don’t put your logo on every page. If your content is interesting, people will remember you for sure.

Difference between Letter Size and A4 Size Paper

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Are you confused about A4 or letter size? Let’s guide you! Letter size paper is widely confused with A4 size paper.

When you look at A4 size vs. letter size, you will find a distinct difference between the two. In the United Kingdom, A4 is a standard size but it is a little taller than the letter size paper and has narrower width.

As far as A4 dimensions are concerned, it is 210 x 297 mm or 8.27 x 11.69 inches.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
A4 paper size

Final Thoughts

Both A4 size and letter size papers originated from the same standards set for consistency during document printing and storing. While the letter-size paper is used widely in the United States, other countries use A4 size.There is a slight difference between the width and height of A4 and letter size paper.

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