Album cover size
album cover size

Album cover size – stunning cover, impressive sales

Album cover with the right size and dimensions is the key to success.

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Why you need the right album cover size

A well-designed album art size is your ultimate chance to grab listeners’ attention (new or old) and give a visual portrayal of the music that it holds within. A great album cover with the right size and design can inspire audiophiles to fish out your album from the stack! It can encourage a listener to know more about you and your art. That’s why you need the right album art right, you know.

What size should an album cover be?

The maximum album cover size is 3000 x 3000 pixels while the minimum size has been set at 1600 x 1600 pixels.

Medium/Channels Recommended sizes
For iTunes 3000 x 3000 pixels
Amazon on Demand store 1600 x 1600 pixels
Spotify album art size 1500 x 1500 pixels at least

Some Great Examples of Prefect Size Album Cover Designs

album cover size
album cover size
album cover size

Album cover design best practices

No one needs to put in a lot of effort to create an album cover. Every channel has a guideline put in place for the ideal album art size. Just follow that guideline and pick a suitable size for that particular platform.

Using a typical graphic or image isn't going to influence people to pick up your album from the rack. Your cover has to be different to grab attention. And the best thing you can do is to use unique, authorized images.

If your music album and art both are poles apart, people are going to feel cheated. Make an album cover that catches the essence of your album. It will make your audience understand what’s inside. 

Contrast is what grabs attention instantly. Do not add text on top of an album background that already has many elements. It makes it harder for people to see specifically on images that appear in thumbnails. Choose a font color that’s easy to read against a colored background.

Using a unique and stylish font is fun. But they are hard to read. Go for something that people can read from afar. Therefore, you should pick the font and color, keeping your target audience's needs in mind.

Be it album cover size, cd cover size, photo size, flyer size, label Size, or any other design size, choosing the right dimensions is essential. The recommended maximum album cover dimension is 3000 x 3000 pixels and the minimum dimension is 1600 x 1600 pixels.


Album art mistakes to avoid


Here are some of the most common album cover design mistakes to avoid:


Using too generic or common images

Do not use familiar images that everyone else would be using. Your album art won't look unique if you do so. Consequently, your album would fail to attract your target audience.


Picking the wrong colors

If your album is all about soft music, choose soft colors. And if it’s rock or loud music, go for vibrant colors. But make sure you pick the right colors.


Using too many fonts

Your album art size has a pre-defined space. Do not flood it with too many font styles and elements. Pick a maximum of two font styles to remain visually appealing. Using too many fonts will ruin your album cover's visual aspects.


Not checking typos

Typos and grammatical errors aren't just eyesores, but they cost businesses prospective. Make sure your design has no typos. Even if you are creating album art, it shouldn't have any typos. Check for errors beforehand by proofreading the final design.


Design from your client’s and user’s perspective

Do not create an album cover from your own perspective. Step into the shoes of your clients and users first. Think from their point of view what they want and then start designing.

What should I put on the back of the album cover?

Branding logo maker

Just like the front, the back of the album cover should be impressive. You can include the tracklist of your album on the back cover. Keep the typography different from the front, but it should be readable.

Make sure to leave a space on the back for licensing and legal details. You can also put your band’s official URL on the back of your cover.


cicle image dh_pic_lazy
album cover size

Final Thoughts

An album cover is a reflection of the music it holds inside. So, it becomes necessary to take it seriously. A well-designed album cover is a catalyst that influences the audience to purchase it. For an art to be impressive, the album cover size plays a pivotal role. Pick the right album art size to excite listeners.

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