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Bookmark Size — Custom is Cool!

The right bookmark size is key to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Why do you need the right bookmark dimensions?

Bookmarks are tiny printed materials that let you pick up from where you left off. Besides, they speak volumes about your brand. It means that bookmarks also work as an effective marketing tool. But not every bookmark succeeds in promoting your business. Only the right bookmark size, paired with a fresh design, can get the readers hooked. A wrong size, on the other hand, will drive your readers away. You need to pick the right size, either it's wallpaper size, Linkedin cover photo size, flyer size, Twitch banner size, etc.

Bookmark Dimensions

The standard bookmark dimensions are as follows:

Type Size
Rounded Corners 2" x 6"
Rounded Corners 2" x 7"
Standard 2.5" x 8.5”

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Best Practices For Bookmark Design

A bookmark doesn't necessarily need to have a common theme. But if it does, you get an opportunity to convey your message to the audience. For example, if your bookmark is meant for the library, you can look into famous literary characters and authors for inspiration. But if it’s for a toy company, you need to feature the logo of the company onto it. Besides, a library can target dog lovers by adding a dog’s illustration. In short, there are no hard and fast rules for what you feature. The only thing that you need to do is to pick a theme.

Instead of going for a regular rectangular shape, try die-cut bookmarks. You can get a die-cut shape as per your standard bookmark size, and it’s not tough. It makes your bookmark unique that grabs reader's attention instantly. For example, to entice dog lovers, you can get a bookmark in a dog-shaped cut.

Creating a bookmark from scratch is a time-consuming process. Pre-designed professional bookmark templates help you save your precious time. The pre-created design needs you to enter your information, and it's ready!

Having the right bookmark size is essential. Anything that's not of the perfect size may ruin your brand’s reputation. Also, it may make it hard for the audience to read the details listed on it.

If the purpose of your bookmark is advertising, add brand-specific colors. It will keep the branding consistent throughout your promotional journey. You don’t get many chances to attract readers—make a note of it. So, use color schemes that are aligned with your brand.

As the bookmark size doesn’t come in a bigger frame, you need to keep the text readable for people. Anything too small may put off their interest in your brand. Check the size of the font before sending your bookmark for printing.

Bookmark Design Mistakes To Avoid

Some of the most common bookmark design mistakes that you should avoid are:


Using the same theme or image

No matter which bookmark size you pick, using a similar image everywhere isn’t wise. Pick a unique image to stay fresh.


Flooding it with text

Bookmark comes with a very compact size. It isn’t as big as a brochure or flyer. So, you have to be mindful of the text you’re going to feature onto it.


Too many graphics or elements

There are many bookmarks out there that are packed with graphics and elements. Just a single view of such bookmarks is enough to let the audience run away. So keep it minimal, clean, and clear.


Ignoring the bookmark size

Do not create a bookmark out of its pre-defined size as it may look unprofessional. Try to follow the size guidelines for a professional flair.

Where can you find ideas and inspiration for bookmark size & design?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best bookmarks are designed from the ideas and inspiration sourced from various platforms. However, many marketing professionals prefer using their own ideas. No matter which way you go, your bookmark quality should be unmatched.

You can source free stock images from platforms like Pexles, StockSnap, Unsplash, and many others to feature on your bookmark. Besides, you can browse through Designhill’s gallery page for fresh ideas and

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
size of a bookmark

Final Thoughts

Your branding strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a small printing material like a bookmark can get your brand the exposure it deserves. But for that, you need to pick the right bookmark size and design. It not only helps people pick from where they left off but also encourages them to notice your brand.

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