Business Card Size
business card size

Business Card Size -Reflect your brand identity with the right business card size

A well-designed business card is a key to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. It speaks on behalf of your brand.

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Why you need the perfect business cards size?

Whether you’re a business owner or a designer looking forward to creating eye-catching business cards, the right size helps you know where to start from. The right size of the business card helps you attract your audience while leaving a lasting brand identity. With the right size, you can align your design elements for visual cohesiveness.

Business Card Size Dimensions

Follow this business card size guide for better understanding:

Standard Size in Millimeters Size in Inches
ISO 7810 ID-1 W: 85.60 H: 53.98 W: 3.370 H: 2.125
ISO 216 - A8 sized W: 74 H: 52 W: 2.913 H: 2.047
Australia W: 90 H: 55 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
United States W: 88.9 H: 50.8 W: 3.5 H: 2
Canada W: 89 H: 51 W: 3.5 H: 2
China W: 90 H: 54 W: 3.543 H: 2.125
Czech Republic W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
France W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Germany W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Hungary W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968

Explore & Customize Business Card Templates to Make Your Own

Business card size best practices

Be aware of the right business card sizes

Putting a cap on the elements and content used in the size of a business card is helpful. It lets you steer clear of cluttering and complexities in your business card design. Your card should communicate with your prospects in a clear way.

It’s a smart move to follow industry-specific best practices. Having a clear idea of your end-user is helpful in finalizing the design of your business card. For example, if your end-users struggle to read small fonts, you may introduce higher font sizes in your design.

Your business card is one of the touch-points that your audience will notice. It’s yet another marketing tool to grab eye-balls and influence people. Keep every branding element on your business card relevant. Don’t just focus on placing the logo but also add colors, icons, and themes relevant to your business.

Your brand can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Cheap stock and ink add to such a negative identity. Once you let your prospects hold your business card, this is what you’re communicating.

Business card size mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common business card mistakes that you should avoid are —


Adding too much content or text

Having a fair amount of content on your business card is great for branding purposes. But some cards are crammed with too much text that ruins the overall aesthetics. If some info is necessary to appear on your card, make sure it doesn’t look over-stuffed.


Using irrelevant picture

If an image looks great on your brochure doesn’t mean it will look ideal on your business card too. Use the right picture or image; for example, a logo for brand recognition.


Too many elements

There are many business cards out there that look messy. A single view of such cards is enough to drive the prospects away. Too many elements, colors, and focal points ruin the visual cohesiveness.


Ignoring the brand relevance

Every brand belongs to a specific industry. Pick a business card size that matches its standard format relevant to the industry. Also, add colors, elements and other visuals relevant to the company.


Picking a super basic format

You want your business card to connect your audience with you, that’s what a business card is meant for. Picking a basic theme won’t have that impact on your prospects.

Where can you find the best business card templates?

Branding logo maker

Your business card talks volumes about your brand. A well-designed card turns out to be a great marketing tool. You can launch our DIY tool — business card creator to design a card with your company logo in no time! Don’t worry if you’re short on ideas. You can always source inspiration from our business card gallery page or start from scratch.

With a template pre-designed for you, there won’t be any issue in creating a business card of your choice.

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buisness card size

Final Thoughts

Despite the advancements in technology, business cards remain a feasible tool for connecting with clients, customers, fellow business owners, and prospects. This small card bears all the necessary information a prospect seeks about a business. Though the design is a crucial element, the size of a business card also plays a pivotal role in engaging the audience.

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