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C size paper — use the right size for the right document

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Why you need the right paper size

C size paper is used for envelope purposes. The ISO 269 International Standard determines the dimensions of C paper size for paper sizes. The C size paper falls in between its counterparts — A and B paper sizes. The C series paper comes handy for documents created from A and B paper sizes. The right size envelope makes it easy for the document to be placed in.

C series paper sizes

Size Dimensions
C0 36.1 x 51.06 cm
C1 25.51 x 36.1 cm
C2 18.03 x 25.51 cm
C3 12.76 x 18.03 cm
C4 9.02 x 12.76 cm
C5 6.42 x 9.02 cm
C6 4.49 x 6.38 cm
C7 3.19 x 4.49 cm
C8 2.24 x 3.19 cm
C9 1.57 x 2.24 cm


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C size paper envelopes best practices

Printing your envelopes prior to the conversion process provides an effective way to catch the attention of your audience. Try adding graphics on the exterior of the envelope or print the inside area. You can even print your envelopes in different colors. These tiny details make a significant impact on people. 

Whether you're ordering envelope for personal use or commercial use, it's essential to consider the cost. For example, ordering envelope in a large quantity (say 5000) and then customizing it, embossing it, and printing it may prove to be expensive. Even though customization being a time-consuming process, if its cost falls within your budget, you get the benefit of its incredible first impression. For small organizations that have to send envelopes to their customers, considering all the cost factors are essential.

No matter how impressive your C size envelopes are, if the post office won’t deliver it, it’s of no use. Therefore you need to restrict the use of information like return address and graphics to the upper left corner of the envelope to meet the post office regulations. Plus, the face of the envelope has to be blank. This lets the post office to add necessary information or add the address of the recipient.

C size envelope mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common envelope mistakes to avoid are:


Using graphics all over

Using a strategically placed graphics is okay, but filling every corner of the envelope with graphics isn’t legible. Most of the post office will decline to mail such envelopes.


Adding too much text

Make sure the address of the recipient is written in a readable manner. Clean and bright text is easy to read. Avoid adding too much information in a limited space.


Ignoring the correct format

Not every envelope size is the similar. Their sizes are directly related to the sizes of the documents that have to be placed inside them. So consider designing an envelope fit for the document.


Choosing a too generic pattern

You want your envelope to stand out. Instead of keeping it plain or generic, add a bit of customization.

Where can you find the best envelope ideas and inspiration?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best C size paper envelopes are those that have been designed by sourcing ideas and inspiration.

Platforms like Designhill, Canva, and many others are famous among marketing professionals as well as designers for C size envelope ideas and inspiration.

Still, there are some designers and marketing professionals who utilize their creativity and use original graphics or artwork.

Just consider the right dimensions of the C size paper envelopes for effective design.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy

Final Thoughts

People consider envelopes as a tool for business correspondence, personal mailing info, and marketing. One should never forget that envelopes, whether made of C size paper or any other dimensions, are as important as the message they deliver. They let your audience identify who you are as a business/brand. An envelope helps your brand message be noticeable, among others.

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