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Facebook Cover Photo Size

A well-designed Facebook cover photo size not only portrays your brand’s personality but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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Why you need Facebook cover photos

A cover photo on your official/personal Facebook profile gives a clue of who you really are. In terms of social media marketing, having a cover picture on your profile gets you exposure. A personal cover photo can be anything but a cover photo for a business has to be unique and relevant. It represents a business, so it needs to be of high-quality, well-optimized and correct size. Don’t mistake Facebook profile picture for cover as both are different. A Page’s Facebook cover photo needs to be branded and represent our business. It also must be high-quality and perfectly optimized for display; this means knowing the perfect Facebook cover photo size.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimension

As per Facebook, your cover photo displays at — 820 pixels (wide) X 312 pixels (tall) on your computer, while on smartphones, it should be 640 pixels wide X 360 pixels tall.

Desktop (wide) 820 px
Desktop (tall) 312 px
Smartphones (wide) 640 px
Smartphones (tall) 360 px

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Facebook Cover Photo Size Best Practices

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort but follow Facebook guidelines for your cover to be perfect. We suggest you go through the complete Page Guidelines.

Choosing the right Facebook cover photo dimensions is essential. For computers, the Facebook cover size is 820 pixels X 312 pixels, and for mobile devices, the dimensions are 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall.

Facebook, a few years back, suggested that 20% of the cover photo should be text. Filling your cover with only text will make it look boring. So keep the ratio at 20:80 for a balanced look.

If you observe various Facebook photo covers, you will find that each one of them includes a focal point to capture visitors’ attention. It also features a color scheme that aligns perfectly with the brand. Always remember that your social media profile is a representative of your business. It should convey your brand’s impression right away.

Consider doing some design tweaks and manipulating your profile image and cover photo in such a way that they appear different. It’s easier to do on your personal profile but you cannot set up your business page on Facebook like this.

Look closely and you’ll find some cover photos with call-to-action buttons like — “Sign Up” and “Shop Now.”

Based on the type of your business, you can create a page on Facebook with the desired CTA button positioned at the right of your cover picture. When creating your Facebook banner, consider this CTA and make it clear that visitors need to take this step.


Since the profile picture appears on the left, you need to harmonize with the design of your Facebook cover photo by shifting the focus on the right of the photo.

Doesn't the right-aligned cover photo look better? The biggest design elements (the profile picture, the text, and the Statue of Liberty) are evenly spaced. In Samsung's old cover photo, your attention goes immediately to the left side of the page, completely missing the name of the product on the upper-right side.

According to a Statista report, 90% of Facebook users are mobile users who access the social network from smartphones and tablets. This user base is huge; therefore, you need to consider them as your top priority when designing a Facebook cover photo.  

Keep in mind that the sides of the cover picture are chopped off on mobile devices. While on desktop, the cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide X 312 pixels tall; on the smartphones, it displays 640 pixels wide X 360 pixels tall right at the center.


In case you want to add a Page CTA to your cover photo, include a text CTA and a link to the same in your cover photo description as well. It helps your audience view your cover photo directly to access the link at any time.

Make sure to shorten your links and add UTM codes to make it easier for you to track the clicks. Platforms like bitly and HubSpot are perfect for URL shortening.


Facebook Business pages allow you to add a video instead of a static cover picture. But for your video to be able to upload, it needs to meet certain requirements. Ideally, the cover video should be 820 pixels X 426 pixels for desktop. You can open your Facebook Business Page and change the cover by clicking on the option —“Change Cover”, which is given at the top-left corner of the cover picture. Choose the “Upload Photo/Video” option and you’re done. This lets you format as well as publish the desktop file to your official facebook page.

Facebook Cover Photo Mistakes to Avoid


Some of the biggest Facebook cover photo mistakes that you should avoid include —


Using similar cover picture

Across Facebook groups and events, the header images in Facebook differ in sizes. Use the right dimensions for the proper optimization of your page.


Adding too much text

Having a fair amount of text is great if it’s for branding purposes. But some cover photos overlapped with too much text which isn’t good. Even if it’s a motivational quote, this move isn’t appropriate. The Facebook cover photo should be an image, speaking volumes about itself.


Too many design elements

There are many pictures on social media that look jam-packed. A single view of such images is enough to give you a headache. Too many colors, focal points, and elements ruin the whole purpose.


Ignoring the current page format

Facebook keeps changing its formatting very often. And every time they do, some parts of the image get cut off either on the mobile or desktop. So it becomes essential to keep an eye on the current page format.


Going for generic theme or elements

You want your Facebook cover photo to get the audience hooked, that’s what a cover stands for. Picking a generic image won’t have that impact on the visitors.

Where can you find the best Facebook cover photos?

Branding logo maker

Some of the great cover photos are designed from graphics sourced from Drip and Buffer. Other marketing professionals, however, prefer using real photographs. No matter which way you go, there are many platforms you can source images from. 

These platforms include —

Free stock photo platforms such as Pexels, Unsplash, and StockSnap that provide a user with free-stock pictures accessible for commercial use. 

Apart from that, if you have your own pictures with you and want to create a cover photo, you can use Designhill’s Facebook cover maker tool.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
Facebook cover photo

Final Thoughts

When building a rapport with your target audience, a well-designed Facebook cover photo size plays a pivotal role. A well-designed image looks good on both desktop and mobile devices without any part of the image being chopped off. The standard Facebook cover size with a stunning image helps in building the social presence and creating buzz for your business.

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