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Pinterest Image Size: Leave a lasting brand impression

Give your brand the exposure it deserves with the right Pinterest image size.

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Why you need the perfect Pinterest image size?

A Pinterest image — be it a profile, cover, or general posts — gives a clue of who you are as a brand. It's one of the most explored image sharing platforms that gives tremendous exposures if used wisely. A personal Pinterest image could be anything but if it's an official account, it has to be of the right size. A high-quality, perfectly optimized Pinterest post not only attracts the audiences but also boosts brand recognition.

Different Pinterest Image Sizes

The standard sizes for Pinterest images are:

Type Px
Profile Photo 165 x 165 px
Board Cover Photo 222 x 150 px
Pin Sizes (Portrait) 735 x 1102 px

Explore & Customize Pinterest Image Templates to Make Your Own

Pinterest image size best practices

There is a set guideline when it comes to creating a Pinterest image. We suggest you follow this guideline to stay away from unattractive Pinterest image size. The cover should be 222 x 150px, the profile should be 165 x 165 px, and the pin size should be 735 x 1102 px.

Adding a relevant image on your Pinterest cover or post is great. But making it more relevant placing a few texts makes it look even more appealing. The audience gets attracted to an image with a message more than a plain image.

Explore various brand's Pinterest cover image and you will find that many of them have a focal point. The best one also features a color scheme that matches with its brand. Always keep in mind that whatever you post on your Pinterest account is a representation of your brand's impression.

Since cover appears in the top mid-section and profile image at the left, it becomes essential to shift the focus at the right place. Align every design elements such as icon, symbol, text, etc. accordingly. If you can't figure it out, explore your competitors or check the accounts of famous businesses and take inspiration from them.

If you want to add a CTA to your image, add it in the form of a text and include the link in the description of that image too. It helps your target audience view your post directly and access the link at any given time. But before you add a link, make sure you have shortened it.

Pinterest image mistakes to avoid


Using a boring and the same cover image every time

Use an ideal Pinterest image size for the proper optimization of your page. Stop using the same image everywhere in the profile, cover, and post.


Making an image look crowded with overuse of text

Putting a fair amount of text on your Pinterest post is great. But making it cramped with too much text is a visual crime. Even if you're posting a motivation quote or inspirational message on your Pinterest profile, it shouldn't have too much text.


Adding too many visual elements

There are many Pinterest posts out there that look unappealing or completely whacky. Just a single view of such images is enough to ruin your brand identity. So, don't use too many colors, focal points, or elements.


Ignoring the correct size

Not choosing the correct Pinterest photo size may cause your elements to get chopped off. Always choose the right size for a profile, cover, and your posts.

Where can you find the best images for your Pinterest post?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best Pinterest images are designed from the graphics sourced from sites like Buffer and Drip. Most of the people use these platforms, but there is no dearth of marketers, who prefer using original images instead.

Whichever way you choose, there is no restriction on creativity. For free stock photos, you can also use platforms like Unsplash, Pexels, and StockSnap. Besides, you can create your own Pinterest pin, cover, or profile image using a DIY tool.

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Final Thoughts

Audiences go to Pinterest to find as well as share images across varieties of topics such as fashion, food, design, and events. This platform is ideal to create a buzz for your business and keep the audience visually hooked. Picking the right Pinterest image size helps you to do that and fire up your marketing efforts.

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