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Letter sizes

Letter size — create a significant impact

A well-designed letter is key to effective corporate and personal communications.

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Why you need the right letter size

The text and visual appearance of a letter reveal a lot about the sender's thoughtfulness or efforts put into it. It doesn't matter whether the letter is meant for professional or personal use; everyone wants the receiver to feel positive about it.There is one way to ensure that, and it's the design and the right letter size. Our size guide helps you know acceptable letter sizes everywhere. Don't know what letter size is? Keep referring to this guide.


The widely used letter sizes are:

US (Letter) 8.5 x 11 cm
International (A4) 21 x 29.7 cm


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Business letter design best practices

Based on your needs, you can either pick the US letter size or go for the international size. But choosing the right size is crucial as it defines the success of your corporate correspondence.

A custom letter is the best way to add a splash of colors to your corporate communications. You can make the border, header, and other parts of your letter colorful. Be thoughtful while using colors, but don't shy away from bold shades if required. Bright and bold colors are in trend, adding them will show your recipients that you're aware of the trends.

The purpose of any official stationery, including letter, is to make your brand recognizable. That’s the reason why businesses put their logo at the top of their official documents. One of the simplest ways to add your logo to your design is to use complementary color accents.

A simple border is a powerful design element. It helps you tie your design in for a more visual appeal. 

You can use shades like charcoal or grey for a subtle border. But if you want your edge to be striking, you should go for a bold color like hot pink.

The header of your letter-size could be simple or striking — the choice is all yours. You can use geometric shapes in the header section to make it even more engaging. Fill colors in it or add some texture.

Using directional cues such as lines, arrows, and symbols of pointing fingers helps readers shift their focus on a specific part of the letter. There is no hard and fast rule to use it in your business letter, but you can consider using them for a smooth flow of information. 

A business letter or corporate communication doesn't have to be boring. You can make refreshingly awesome by adding darker backgrounds. Use shades like black, grey, etc. with contrasting text colors.

Corporate letter design mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common corporate letter design mistakes to avoid are:


Incorrect logo placement

Business communications through a corporate letter are done in such a way that the logo, address, and name of the company appear on the top. Based on your requirements, you can place it either on the left or the right side of the document. Center placement can also be considered. Placing the logo other than these areas may cause visual distraction.


Too much text

Your corporate communications do not have to be lengthy or full of text. Having a balanced amount of text is good, but adding too much is disastrous.


Adding too many fonts

Playing with fonts is fun, but not in a corporate letter. If you use five different fonts in a letter, it means you aren't serious about it. People may take your business lightly and consider unprofessional. Stick to the maximum of three fonts.


Ignoring typos

Even if it's for business or personal purposes, a letter shouldn't have any typos in it. Such things have a negative impact on the recipient.

How can I create a letter with Designhill?

Branding logo maker

Creating a letter with Designhill is an easy process. Here, you can explore a wide array of business letter templates that help you create a letter in minutes. Take your pick from traditional letter sizes to visually appealing letter templates that go extra miles in conveying your message.

You can upload your brand assets like the logo to give your letter a personalized look. Besides, you can customize any element of your letter in just a few clicks. As the business letter template comes with a pre-defined structure, you don't have to create a letter from scratch.

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Final Thoughts

Letters work as a carrier for your messages. They correspond on behalf of your business or you. The right letter-size helps you create a perfect brand image that will have an unforgettable impact on your audience.

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