Normal paper size
Normal paper size

Normal paper size — create branding and communication materials

Having a normal paper size is crucial for creating branding and communication materials.

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Why you need a normal paper size?

Having a brochure, letterhead, office stationery, or documents for correspondence is important as it gives a peep into your branding strategy. It lets people understand what type of brand you are. In terms of exposure, having a well-designed branding material is crucial. But not considering the normal paper dimensions is a bigger mistake that may ruin the purpose of a design.

Normal paper dimensions

As per the international paper size system, the normal paper dimensions are:

Normal paper size SIZE DIMENSION
A4 21 x 29.7 cm
DL 22 x 11 cm
A Series A0 84.1 x 118.9 cm
A1 59.4 x 84.1 cm
A2 42 x 59.4 cm
A3 29.7 x 42 cm
A4 21 x 29.7 cm


how big is a regular piece of paper
normal paper size
normal paper dimensions

Normal paper size best printing practices

A document should be readable; otherwise, people will run away without giving it a second look. Do not opt for filling every corner of your document with unnecessary text, images, etc. Add white spaces and increase the margins for a clean visual appearance.

Quality cannot be justified by volume. So, it’s a wise step if you remove the unnecessary decorations or fancy elements from your document. Use only one or two typefaces as anything more than this would be overwhelming for the audience. Stay away from adding colors or images unless it has a purpose.

Many normal paper size documents are ruined by unwanted changes either in typefaces or font sizes. Choose a document style to prevent such things. Do not forget to check the heading sizes, text appearing on the top and bottom of a page along with the margins. Use a spell checker to prevent spelling errors.

Readers of any document consume information in a straight manner from top to bottom. Hence, the format should be set up hierarchically for easy reading. The most important information should be on the top with headings divided into different subsections and sizes.

Normal paper size mistakes to avoid

Some of the common normal paper size mistakes to avoid are:


Not leaving margins

Whatever the size of a normal piece of paper is, leaving margins is necessary if you want your document to appear clean. Margins are the extra space left between the edges of the page and the text. You can determine the margins from the left, right, top, and bottom.


Avoid over-stuffing your document

Even a brochure or a business card with too much information is a visual disaster. Adding too much text actually eclipses the visual aspect of the document and wards off the audience. Use only a fair amount of text for clarity.


Do not use too many design elements

There are many documents made of normal paper sizes that look visually disastrous. A single glance of such a document is enough to nullify your urge to read it any further. Too many icons, color uses, and highlighted items create a distraction and ruin the whole purpose.


Not setting the correct format

The format of your document changes as per the purpose. For the brochure, letterhead, and other documents, if your format isn't right, the content of these documents may get chopped-off during printing.


Steer clear of spelling and grammar mistakes

Any document made of normal paper size having spelling and grammar errors is a disaster. Even studies confirm that even a slight spelling mistake can lower the chances of sales by half.

Know the slight difference

Branding logo maker

If you are considering the size difference between A4 size and letter size paper, then let us tell you this difference is minor.

In the United Kingdom, A4 paper size is considered the standard size. It is somewhat taller than the letter size paper. As compared to letter-size paper, it also has a narrower width.

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Normal Paper Size

Final Thoughts

With Designhill, you can push your creativity out of boundaries. Creating useful brochures, letterheads, posters, notepads, stationeries, etc. becomes enjoyable when you consider the right size. For creative, efficient, and eye-catching design, normal paper size matters.

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