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Photo sizes — capture your precious moments.

Photos not only help you capture your precious memories but also add to your brand’s success. The only mantra is to use the right photo sizes.

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Why you need the right photo size

Photos remind you of your treasured memories. When used for commercial purposes, they capture the target audience’s attention and boost your traffic, likes, comments, and engagement. And when used for personal purposes, they either add personality to a room or remind people of their cherished memories. No matter which photo sizes you use for printing, it's sure to remind you of the glorious time you had. Whether you want to print them for gifting purposes, framing, or for wall art, it is essential to pick the right photo size. The right photo sizes work best for your project and ideas.

Different photo sizes

Here are some of the best photo sizes that you must know:

Size Dimensions
3R 3 x 5 in
4R 4 x 6 in
5R 5 x 7 in
8R 8 x 10 in
9R 8.5 x 11 in
10R 9 x 16 in
11R 11 x 14 in


online photo sizes
small photo size
online small photo size

Best practices for online image optimization

A browser supports different file types such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. Picking the right file type makes sure that your image will appear great. It also ensures that your site’s loading time will not get sluggish.

For Web, images are typically used in JPEG format. This format helps you save images having complex colors such as photographs. JPEG file format ensures you get high-quality images with smaller file sizes.

Using large images for your website can slow it down and up the page load time. So to ensure that your website runs fast and loads faster, you have to compress your images. In case you are saving your photos in PhotoShop, use the option ‘Save for Web’ to optimize the size. Don’t worry if you have no PhotoShop editor; you can also use online photo compressors available these days.

Every marketer wants to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages). For that, one needs to use relevant keywords during the image file naming process. Use the most relevant keywords instead of using ‘img123.jpg’ or such file names. The online store owners should use file names that match the name of their products. This helps in showing exact products when a customer searches.

The alt text helps your image rank higher in search engine results pages. It also improves the accessibility of your website.

Web photo mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common photo mistakes to avoid are:


Blurry images

Be it for personal or commercial purposes, blurry images can put a dent in your expectations. Using blurred and unclear images for products or your online venture is a big 'NO.' Most of the time, blurry images are caused due to the movement during shooting, scaling a JPEG file to an extent, slow shutter speed, etc.


Bad image composition

Irrespective of the sizes of photos, if the composition of your image isn't right, it's going to ruin your impression. Unnecessary zoom in, horizontal position, unnecessary highlights, lighting, etc. can ruin the overall composition of your image.


Choosing an inappropriate background

It’s the most common mistake that most photographers make. When taking an image, it's important to consider the context, whether it's relevant or not. Sometimes, customers of a website run away due to products shown on a different background that doesn't match with the products.



If you are using images of people, make sure the image doesn't have a red-eye reflection. It usually causes due to the reflection of the light.

Where can you find the best photos and images for printing?

Branding logo maker

There are various platforms from where you can source high-quality photos and images for printing and other purposes. These platforms include Designhill, Buffer, and Drip. In case you don't want to source images from any platforms, there is no need to worry. Like other marketers, you can click your own photos and get them printed in various sizes as per your requirements.

No matter whether you source images or click on your own, there are still many sites for consideration. These sites include — Unsplash, Pexels, and StockSnap.

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Final Thoughts

Photos are an integral part of today’s marketing strategy. Stunning photos not only capture the target audience’s attention, but also boost your traffic, gain you likes, comments, and sharing. Based on the photos and their sizes, people get compelled to buy certain products. Besides commercial uses, different sizes of photos work as a memorable token of love for personal purposes. No matter which purpose you need a photo for, it’s always great to consider different photo sizes.

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