Postcard Size
Postcard size

Pick The Right Postcard Size

A well-designed postcard not only impresses your recipients but also sets you apart from others.

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Why you need the right post card sizes

Finding the right postcard size for a direct mailing campaign could be challenging if you aren’t aware of the international postcard size. If you choose a dimension that’s too small, it may end up being overlooked. Choosing a too big postcard size not only will cost you more but will also run the risk of your message being overlooked due to multiple folds needed to fit into the mailbox. Also, size matters when sending for printing. Postcards are one of the best direct mail marketing tools. You should pick the right postcard size, along with other elements, for making the best use of the USPS rates.

Postcard dimensions

The standard postcard size used globally:

International standard postcard size: Size mm inches
A6 148 x 105 mm 5.8 x 4.1 inches
Universal Postal Union (UPU) Maximum 235 x 120 mm 9.25 x 4.72 in
Minimum 140 x 90 mm 5.51 x 3.54 in
US Postal Service Standard Postcard Size: Maximum 152.4 x 107.9 mm 6.0 x 4.25 in
Minimum 127.0 x 88.9 mm 5.0 x 3.5 in

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Postcard design best practices

Do not include too many things or elements in your postcard. You want your audience to understand the context of the postcard quickly, right? So steer clear of the unwanted elements and keep the design super simple.

Choosing the right postcard dimensions is essential. If it’s for international delivery, keep it 148 x 105 mm.

Different people categorize their mails in different ways. Therefore, you need to make sure the front and the backside of your postcard harmonize each other. 

Under USPS (United States Postal Services), all postcards of similar dimensions and thickness should be mailed at the same rate. Even in an era when mailboxes have shrunk in terms of use, a large postcard size like 11"x6" stands out. You can use the extra space on the postcard to add a call-to-action, an offer, or some distinctive elements. 

Simplicity is the key to attract customers towards your postcard — no matter what size it is. The postcard design should include a professional image or illustration to boost its visual appeal. A high-quality image printed on a quality paper adds to your brand recognition.

Consider personalizing your postcards if you're targeting specific customers based on demographics, age groups, or income. Unlike a generic postcard, a custom postcard gives your recipients a personalized look and feel. 

Postcards do not need to be silent or subtle—add a big and bold font. Grab the recipient’s attention with strategically designed messages so that they could take action. Make phone number, contact address, or website URL obvious and easy to scan. A personalized QR code or a custom-tailored map can tell them who you really are and what solutions do you provide. 

Postcard design mistakes to avoid

Some of the most typical postcard design mistakes that you should avoid are:


Choosing the wrong postcard size

There is a definite postcard size guideline for international use. If you’re sending a postcard outside your country, you should strictly follow the size guidelines; otherwise, it may come back to you. Even if you're sending it within your state, choosing the postcard size as per the local postal agency is essential.


Flooding it with text

Having a balanced amount of text on your postcard is excellent. But flooding it with too much text can ruin the visual aspects. Even if it's for personal use, including too much text could end up looking like cramped.


Flooding it with design elements

A postcard is meant to be simple to grab attention. Adding too many design elements could ruin its purpose.


Ignoring the postcard size and format

Not choosing the right postcard size may get your text chopped-off after print. And if it happens, it hurts your branding purposes.


Choosing a too generic theme

Keeping your postcard simple doesn't mean you have to pick a too familiar theme. Stay out of the box, pick something unique, or customize to grab the attention.

Where can you find the best postcard images?

Branding logo maker

Need to create a photo postcard? Don’t worry; source some of the best postcards feature images from various platforms such as Buffer, Drip, and so on. But if you’re a marketing professional, we suggest you using real images. No matter which way you choose, make sure the image you use is professional.

Apart from Drip and Buffer, there are other platforms such as Unsplash, Pexels, and StockSnap, which you can source your postcard images from.

Explore Designhill's postcard maker to create a striking postcard for marketing or personal purposes. 

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
standard postcard size

Final Thoughts

Postcards are one of the most inexpensive ways to get your message across. Those who are targeting customers through direct mailing should consider postcards as their best buddies. But the one thing that every marketer should keep in mind is to pick the right postcard size.

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