Poster size
Poster Size

Pump up your marketing efforts with the right poster size

All it takes is a well-designed creative poster to grab the attention. It portrays who you really are as a brand!

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Why you need the right poster size?

Be it for a product, campaign, show, gig, or a decorative purpose, posters are deemed as a perfect solution. They come in various sizes — right from small A4 to huge sizes. It’s the size and the purpose that determine the impact of a poster. If you want your poster to have maximum impact on the target audience, pick a standard poster size.

Standard poster dimensions

The most common poster sizes are:

Type in mm cm px
Movie 27 x 40 685.8 x 1016 68.58 x 101.6 8100 x 11999.99
Bus Stop 40 x 60 1016 x 1524 101.6 x 152.4 11999.99 x 17999.99
Large 24 x 36 609.6 x 914.4 60.96 x 91.44 7200 x 10799.99
Medium 18 x 24 457.2 x 609.6 45.72 x 60.96 5400 x 7200
Small 11 x 17 215.9 x 279.4 27.94 x 43.18 3300 x 5100
Smallest 8.5 x 11 215.9 x 279.4 21.59 x 27.94 2550 x 3300

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Best practices for movie poster, marketing poster, or any other poster

What is it that your poster has to cater to? Does it have to inform about a new product or create buzz for an upcoming event? A poster can help you achieve these goals. But on one condition — you must know your goals.


Do you know who you are trying to reach or connect with your poster? Answer this question and you’ll come up with many design choices. 


Once you know who you are targeting plus your goals, it becomes easier to pick a size. For movies pick an ideal movie poster size and vice versa.


While a cohesive visual look captivates the audience, a distorted visual identity shoos them off. Keep every element consistent and relevant right from icons to colors, images, and more.

Look closely and you’ll find some posters with call-to-actions like “Register”, “Contact”, “Call”, etc. Based on your type of business/purpose, you can create CTAs and place them on your posters. But make sure that they’re convincing and your audiences take the intended action.


If you want your posters to be printed, you should visualize the places where it will be shared or pin-up. 


Poster mistakes to avoid


Using the same image everywhere

The header image sizes for your poster vary as per the use. Pick the right dimensions for the proper optimization of your poster.


Cramping the poster with too much text

Having a fair amount of text on your poster is great if the sole purpose is branding. But some posters cramped with too much text overwhelmed the audience. You should put the text that’s relevant and to the point.


Too many fancy elements

There are many posters out there that look crowded. A single view of such posters is enough to drive your audience away. Too many icons, colors, and elements ruin the purpose of a poster.


Ignoring the dimensions

Poster dimensions change with purpose. With changes in size, design elements change as well. You need to keep the format aligned as per the size.


Picking a generic theme

The main goal of a poster is to get the audience hooked. Choosing a generic or basic theme will not have that impact.

Where can you find the best poster design inspiration?

Branding logo maker

Finding poster ideas and inspiration is not challenging. The Web is home to endless ideas and inspiration. Whether you’re a marketing professional, filmmaker, or business owner, you can get the words out for your upcoming event, movie, and product with a well-designed poster. 

Designhill’s poster gallery lets you choose from a wide selection of posters for ideas and inspiration. Each poster is designed by experts; hence, it remains on top of the quality quotient. 

Besides, if you have your own ideas and images ready, you can create a poster from scratch using a DIY poster maker tool.

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Poster size

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re creating a buzz or getting the words out for your movie, event, product or something else, a standard poster size plays a pivotal role. A well-designed poster generates interest and drives the audience towards your products or services.

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