Ticket Size
ticket size

Ticket size — right size, lasting impression

A well-designed ticket size not only puts your brand in a good light but also builds a long-lasting relationship with customers.

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Why do you need the right ticket size?

Be it season tickets, event tickets, VIP passes, or anything else, finding the right size is the key to success. The right ticket size lets you decide the content of your ticket without any hassles. Besides informing people about an upcoming concert, music/food festival, seminar, or conference, event tickets also work as a great marketing tool. Since you're going to put your brand's logo and other details on it, it must be well-designed and of the correct size.

Standard ticket dimensions

The standard ticket dimensions are:

Type Size
Raffle tickets with stubs 5.63” x 1.97”
Event tickets with stubs 1.97" x 5.63"
Stubless ticket 5.5" x 2.125"

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Ticket design best practices

When creating a ticket, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Just follow the standard ticket size, and your efforts will be reduced to half. Remember, choosing the right ticket size is essential.

When you observe many event tickets, you find that each of them has a focal point. It's for attracting visitor's attention. Look closely, and you will find a color scheme aligned with the brand as well. Keep in mind that your ticket isn't just a piece of paper but the portrayal of who you are as a brand.

If you’re creating tickets for more than one event, be unique. Consider tweaking your ticket designs in such a way that it appears different in case you're in a hurry. Use the ticket maker to make the changes on your own.

Since everything will appear on a tiny size, you need to keep every design element balanced. Use colors that grab customers’ attention towards the essential details.

Right, left or center align the most critical information, the choice is all yours.

Never ever overlook the contact details, venue, and the URL of your website. Customers often want such info to be mentioned, particularly on the ticket. It’s what boosts brand loyalty.

Ticket design mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common ticket design mistakes to avoid are:


Using irrelevant images

Your event is all about music, and you're using the images of cartoons or flowers. That's an inferior way to shoo away the audience. Make sure the images you use are relevant and meaningful.


Poor CTA and content

Even if your ticket design is up to the mark, it might fail to convince people to buy it if the information listed on it is poor. So, pay close attention to the CTA and other text that have to be featured on it.


Flooding it with design elements

Too much of anything isn't right, even if it's a design element. There are many ticket examples out there that look like a pile of elements. A single view of it is enough to annoy you. So, steer clear of too many focal points, colors, icons, and elements.


Ignoring the pre-defined ticket size and format

There are different types of ticket sizes. Ignoring each size and its format may create problems. Either some parts of the info may get chopped off, or the image may be cut. So, consider the format before giving your ticket design a heads up.


Choosing a very generic theme

You want your ticket to get your audience hooked, right? Picking a common or generic theme won’t let you have that impact on buyers.

Where can you find ideas and inspiration for ticket size and design?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best ticket designs are the ones that have been created after taking ideas and inspiration from others.  There is no shortage of ideas on the Web. Platforms like Designhill, Drip, Buffer, and many others are perfect for taking ideas and inspiration.

But we suggest you be original and start from scratch if required. Marketers always try to be different in terms of design. Feature your own images for authenticity.

No matter which way you go, be unique to stand out.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
standard ticket size

Final Thoughts

When creating buzz for an upcoming event, a thoughtfully created ticket design plays a significant role. It’s key to branding, but your ticket size should match standard dimensions. Picking a standard ticket size with stunning design helps in a strong brand building while spreading words for your event.

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