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Tumblr header size

Tumblr Header Size

A well-designed Tumblr header is key to attract visitors to your profile and take your branding to the next level.

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Why is the right Tumblr header size important?

The banner image appearing on the top of your Tumblr page is called a header image. It gives a clue of who you are as a brand or as a blogger on this micro-blogging, photo-sharing platform. The platform lets you express yourself by uploading photos and videos and engage with your audience. The header image is also essential in doing so. But only the right Tumblr header size can help you to do that. The right size ensures your images are not being chopped-off, whether seen on the desktop or mobile. You can create great designs if you know the right size, be its an invitation, brochure, wallpaper, resume or Facebook cover photo size, and more.


The right Tumblr header size

Here are different Tumblr image sizes that you should keep in mind:

Graphic Size Pixel
Banner (header image) 3000 x 1055 px
Profile Photo 128 x 128 px
Shared Image 500 x 750 px

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Tumblr header size best practices

You don’t require putting in a lot of effort to get a header of your choice. What all you need to do is to pick the right Tumblr header size for it to be perfect. Make sure you choose 3000 x 1055 px.

Having stunning images for your Tumblr headers is excellent. But adding text to your header makes it look even more appealing.

When you observe various Tumblr headers, you will find that each of them has a focal point to grab the attention of the visitors. Make sure to use brand-specific colors that are relevant. Always keep in mind that your Tumblr header is a representative of your brand/business.

Since your Tumblr profile picture appears on the left-hand side, it's essential to shift the focus on the right of the header. Use negative spaces wisely and align every design element perfectly without turning it into a visual mess.

Tumblr header mistakes to avoid

Some of the most common Tumblr header mistakes that you can avoid are:


Using the same header image

Tumblr header size may differ upon the uses. If you use it into specific groups or across different devices, its size may vary. To optimize it properly, use the proper dimensions.


Putting too much text

Putting a fair amount of text on your Tumblr header is excellent if it's specifically for branding purposes. But overlapping your header with too much text isn't good. Do not use a long motivational quote or any long text. The header should have an image that speaks volumes about your brand.


Adding too many design elements

You will find many Tumblr headers out there that are filled with too many elements. A single sight of such images overwhelms the visitors. Too many focal points, elements, and colors spoil the purpose of the image.


Ignoring the size and format

One of the common mistakes that everyone commits is ignoring the size of the Tumblr header. Doing so may get the images cut off for mobile or desktop. So, it's important to consider the page format and size.


Choosing a basic or most common theme

The purpose of any header is to keep the audience hooked. Picking an underlying theme will ruin this purpose.

Where can you find the best Tumblr header images?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best Tumblr headers are designed from images and graphics sourced from various platforms. These include Buffer and Drip. However, some of marketing professionals like to use their own images. No matter whether you use your own photos or source them from other platforms, following the size guidelines is mandatory.

Other platforms from where you can source graphics are Unsplash, StockSnap, and Pexels.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
Tumblr banner size

Final Thoughts

When planning to build a rapport with your visitors, a well-designed Tumblr header is important. A perfect Tumblr image size looks good on both desktop and mobile. With a set format, your image doesn’t get chopped off. Plus, the right size header also helps you build your brand identity.

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