Wedding invitation sizes
Wedding Invitation Size

Wedding invitation sizes

A well-designed wedding invitation not only draws the invitees’ attention, but it also displays them the important dates and arrangements.

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Why you need the right wedding invitation size?

Weddings are the most joyous moments of life. It marks the beginning of a new life while bringing near and dear ones on a single platform for an unforgettable celebration! A wedding invitation is perhaps the most special stationery that everyone will ever choose. There is no dearth of options at Designhill. To make your big day even more exciting, consider selecting only the right wedding invitation size that outfits your needs. Only the correct wedding invite sizes can ensure your crucial details are displayed strikingly.


Standard wedding invitation size

Here are different wedding invitation sizes that you should keep in mind:

Invitation Size Dimensions
Common 12.7 x 17.78 cm
Square 13.34 x 13.34 cm
Skim 10.16 x 23.5 cm
Large Rectangle 44.87 x 22.23 cm
A5 14.8 x 21 cm
A6 10.5 x 14.8 cm
A7 7.4 x 10.5 cm
A8 5.2 x 7.4 cm
A9 23.7 x 5.2 cm
A10 2.6 x 3.7 cm

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Wedding invitation sizes best practices.

What would be the theme of your wedding — destination wedding, traditional wedding, beach wedding, or something else? You should have a pre-decided idea of the type of wedding you want in the first place. Based on that, choose a wedding invitation that matches your theme.

What color combinations are you going to flaunt on your D-Day? From wedding decorations to wedding costumes and wedding invitations, color combination matters a lot. The right color coordination creates a cohesive look. Go for ivory, cream, or white colors with metallic gold or colorful fonts.

Traditional wedding invitation sizes are usually 4.5 X 6.25 in a rectangular shape. But at present, there are more shapes and sizes available in the market. From circular to square and scalloped, there are various shapes to pick from.

As you think of the pattern and colors, do not forget the information or text you want to add to your invitation. A designer can help you out in selecting the best typeface, but you should never choose light ink with light backgrounds or dark ink with dark backgrounds. Always go for contrasting backgrounds, or your text won't be visible.

The wording of your invitation is as important as the colors and other elements. Traditionally, the name of the people hosting it appears first. Typically, every detail has to be spelled out, even the ceremonial timing. The classic wedding invitation includes a request line just after the name of the host. The wording can change as per the hosting situations, so double-check the details before giving it a heads up.

Wedding invitation size mistakes to avoid

Here are some of the most common wedding invitation mistakes to avoid:


Do not overcrowd it

As wedding invitation sizes have a fixed width and length, you should include only the key points and leave the rest of the information. Trying to put too much information on your invitation card will make it hard-to-read. If you have to include information such as the venue direction, etc., consider getting an insider card with all these details, or use your website for that purpose.


Avoid typos

Typos in a wedding invitation are a scary thing. Ask your friends or family members to look over it and proof-read it. You would be surprised to see what your designer could miss. Not double, but triple-check your invitation for any possible typos.


Avoid using too many colors

Everyone wants to make their wedding invitation card pop with colors. But that’s actually a mistake. Pick colors, but don’t carried away and include too many shades. Make sure to balance the bright colors with muted tones. Use three to five colors and nothing more than that.


Not choosing the right size

Every wedding invitation card has a specific size that you need to pick according to your wedding theme or style. If the size that you have chosen isn't appropriate, you may find your text or information appearing in a disorganized way.


Choosing generic themes

You want your wedding invitation to stand out and get your guests hooked, right? Choosing a generic theme will not serve that purpose. Always go for a custom theme.

Where can you find the best images for your wedding invitation cards?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best wedding invitations are designed from images source from platforms like Buffer and Drip. However, some people prefer using their original photographs.

Whichever way you go, the sole purpose is to make your invitation stand out.

There are also many platforms like StockSnap, Pexels, and Unsplash from where you can source free-stock images for commercial use.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
Wedding Invitation size

Final Thoughts

When planning to leave an impressive impression on your guests, a well-designed invitation card goes a long way. A wedding card with excellent design looks good in both printed and digital versions.

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