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YouTube Thumbnail Size — An ultimate guide

Better thumbnail images for your YouTube channel not only gets you more views but also boosts subscribers.

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Why you need the exact YouTube thumbnail size?

People judge the relevance of a video by looking at its thumbnail image. A good thumbnail helps you get more views while a poor one drives away the viewers. When you upload a video on your YouTube channel, it automatically shows you three still images that can be used as a thumbnail. There is also a customization option that lets you personalize your thumbnail. But choosing the right YouTube thumbnail dimensions spare you from unnecessary challenges. It not only shows the context of the content clearly but also attracts viewers.

YouTube thumbnail dimensions

Standard YouTube sizes for the following are:

Type in mm cm px
Channel Icon 2.67 x 2.67 67.73 x 67.73 6.77 x 6.77 800 x 800
Channel Art 8.53 x 4.8 216.75 x 121.92 21.67 x 12.19 2560 x 1440
Desktop Display 8.53 x 1.41 216.75 x 35.81 21.67 x 3.58 2560 x 423
YouTube video thumbnail 4.27 x 2.4 108.37 x 60.96 10.84 x 6.1 1280 x 720
Tablet Display 6.18 x 1.41 157.06 x 35.81 15.71 x 3.58 1855 x 423
Desktop and Mobile Display 5.15 x 1.41 130.89 x 35.81 13.09 x 3.58 1546 x 423

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YouTube Thumbnail Size Best Practices

Taking images from a video after a pause is a big no. Why so? The images that you crop after pause come with weird expressions or faces. The quality of such images also looks unpromising. You rarely get your images right. So the best practice is to get a high-quality professional image clicked. 


Color contrast is the secret recipe for getting your content more clicks. Contrasting colors immediately draws attention to an image. When competing with other channels in the same domain, it comes out as a savior. Contrasting colors also make your text and graphics to be read and viewed clearly.


When placing text on your thumbnail, keep it short, crisp and concise. Using an image is okay, but people want to see what the video is all about in just one glance, and that’s where a title comes handy. Title and description are what inform them about the context of the video. So, it’s essential to feature descriptive text but in a laconic way.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for that but if you coordinate your thumbnail image with profile and cover, it looks cohesively stunning. Use complementary colors with design schemes for a well-coordinated look.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for that but if you coordinate your thumbnail image with profile and cover, it looks cohesively stunning. Use complementary colors with design schemes for a well-coordinated look.

Be it Youtube thumbnail, web banner size, or any other design size, choosing the right size is necessary. The recommended YouTube video thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels.


YouTube thumbnail mistakes to steer clear off


Avoid too much text

Having a balanced amount of text on your YouTube thumbnail will improve your video’s performance. But filling it up with text will ruin the visual appeal. Never add more than a concise title or subtitle.


Using too small text size

There are many examples out there where you will find businesses using a smaller than the normal font size. This text seems too small for users to read. This reduces the number of clicks your video might get.


Choosing irrelevant images

Adding a different image for YouTube thumbnail and something else in the main video is a big disaster. It misleads people and informs them of your video context in the wrong way. Always use the real video image to get more clicks and views.


Not performing a split test

YouTube thumbnail images are one of the integral parts of marketing. Hence, they shouldn’t be taken lightly or avoided split tests. Split test lets you know what gets more views on the channel organically. Analyze what works best for your YouTube channel. Based on the analysis, pick the thumbnail for your videos.

Where can you find the best YouTube thumbnail images?

Branding logo maker

Some of the best YouTube thumbnails are designed from images sourced from the Web.

Platforms like Designhill, Drip, etc. are used to source these images. However, marketers prefer using real images for a greater impact.

Free stock photo platforms such as Unsplash, Pexels, and StockSnaps also provide free-stock images for commercial use. 

If nothing works for you, go ahead, use our thumbnail maker and create a stunning thumbnail for your YouTube channel.

cicle image dh_pic_lazy
Youtube Thumbnail Dimension

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to get more clicks, impressions, or views, a well-designed YouTube thumbnail is a key to success. A well-designed thumbnail looks good across various devices. Choosing the right YouTube thumbnail size with a stunning image helps you build brand identity.

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