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By Raicho
Arbre de Vie - Baobab powder
Allid Ferrow paid $149 for a new Sticker Design and received 35 designs from 15 Designers.
Allid Ferrow Sweden
“ Pretty difficult to navigate across your platform. However, some of the designers (roughly 4) did a really great job and thus you have built an impressive community. I'm very satisfied with the result. ”
By Raicho

Arbre de Vie - Baobab powder By Allid Ferrow

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Note : Design brief last updated on 22 November, 2018
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Arbre de Vie - Baobab powder

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The product is called Baobab powder, and it is a fruit from the Baobab tree found abundantly in Africa. The product has very good health benefits, high nutritional content and a nice sour taste. The key customers for this product are affluent persons in Scandinavia who are health conscious and environmentally aware.

Below I've attached a benchmark of what I want the sticker to look like. The sticker should include a picture (not a photo) of the green Baobab fruit. The text describing its properties should not be there. In the bottom left corner we find keywords such as: No additives, Organic, All natural, Raw. I want my keywords to say: Boost, Organic, Superfruit. The EU organic certification symbol below that should be removed, and instead of the brand name "Rawpowder", we shall have our brand name "Arbre de Vie" (french). The brand name shall be shaped as a very simple logo with a picture of a Baobab trees (see images as a reference). Lastly the pictures has yellow dots scattered in the background, this shall be omitted. Mostly, three colors shall be used, and the focus shall be on the color green. The design should be clean and not with too much clutter. It should bring out emphasis on health, nature, the environment. The size of the sticker is 90 x 120 mm (W, H).

Budget for this project is $150

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