Infographic Design Challenge

An infographic has the power to communicate heavy information in a condensed, enjoyable, and highly effective way. While it’s not always easy to create a visually appealing infographic that goes viral, it isn’t hard either. All it takes is a basic understanding of the best practices involved in designing the perfect infographics.

If you think you can design awesome infographics that are both informational and entertaining, Infographic Design Challenge is for you. Take advantage of your creative abilities and come up with attractive templates for infographics to help businesses and professionals take their visual marketing to the next level.   

Choose any of the below themes to get started. Participants with the best and original templates will grab some coolest prizes and rewards.    

Past Challenges

Perks of Participating in Infographic Design Challenge

Winners will be rewarded with prizes worth up to $5000 and given social media shoutouts by Designhill Studio.

Participation Guidelines

To qualify for Designhill Studio Challenge:

  • Select a challenge you want to participate in & click on Participate now button.
  • Create a design in Studio for any of the challenges listed above.
  • Submit your design & select the challenge theme.
  • Confirm your participation by posting your design on your Instagram account. Tag @designhill_studio use #DesignhillStudioChallenge and #DesignhillStudio whenever you post a design.


Why Join Our Design Challenges?

As the world's leading creative marketplace, our intent is to encourage designers to boost their creativity and bring their ideas to life by participating in our design challenges. Besides, we want to provide them with an opportunity to:

  • Create a mark in the design field.
  • Connect with and join the evergreen community of designers around the globe.
  • Gain the access to super amazing challenge rewards and stand a chance to win cash prizes, gift cards, and much more.
  • Get featured in our Designhill blogs, social media mentions and earn global recognition for your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Designhill Infographic Design Challenge?

    Designhill Studio has launched the ‘Infographic Design Challenge’ calling designers worldwide to participate in any of the themed challenges listed above and design eye-catching templates focused on infographic themes. Anyone who’s a graphic designer, freelancer, design student, or creative professional can participate in the challenge....Read More

  • How can I participate in Designhill Studio Challenge?

    To participate, choose a challenge theme, click on participate now button & submit your designs. That’s all. Every participant must confirm his or her participation in the design challenge by using the promotional hashtags #DesignhillStudioChallenge and #DesignhillStudio and tagging @designhill_studio on Instagram....Read More

  • What is meant by themes in a design challenge?

    Every design challenge has certain themes in it that work as creative inspiration for designers and help them create unique designs....Read More

  • Am I supposed to participate in all themes to be able to qualify and win?

    No, Designers are free to participate in any of the themes....Read More

  • How is the prize money distributed for each theme? Will my account be directly credited?

    If you win a cash prize, your Prize money will be credited in your Designhill Wallet. To redeem the same, you need to Login to Designhill, check your earnings and request for payout. And if you win a gift card, it will be emailed to you on the email-id provided by you at the time of registering with us. Please note you’ll receive the prize/reward within 7 days after the result is announced....Read More

  • Will I be entitled to additional prize money if I participate in all the themes of the challenge?

    No. Participating in all the themes won’t make you eligible for additional rewards and prizes. Every theme will have winners based on their originality and creativity of designs....Read More

  • What is the criteria for judging the challenge winners?

    Winners will be chosen by our expert panel of judges on the basis of creativity and quality of the designs. However, entries with the highest number of votes may have a better chance of winning the challenge. Once the designs submitted for a live challenge get approved for the voting round by our team of experts, the designers will get notified. Thereafter, they can view all the selected designs on the Challenge Entries Page and start sharing with their family and friends to earn votes. Approval of entries will be based on the quality and creativity of the designs, and whether they meet the participation guidelines such as the size, format, etc....Read More

  • How do I earn maximum votes to win the challenge?

    Once your design gets approved and selected for the voting round by our team of experts at Designhill, you’ll be notified through an email. You can then view your shortlisted entry on the Challenge Entries Page and start sharing to earn votes. Click on the social icons or WhatsApp, share it with your family and friends to earn maximum votes for a better chance of winning. Anyone browsing Designhill can view the top designs on Challenge Entries Page and rate them on a scale of 1-5. Please note: One person can vote for a design only once....Read More

  • Why should I participate in Designhill Studio Challenges?

    When you participate in our design challenges, you get an opportunity to
    • Create a mark for yourself in the design field.
    • Connect with and join the ever-growing community of designers around the globe.
    • Gain access to super amazing challenge rewards and stand a chance to win cash prizes, gift cards, and much more.
    • Get featured in our Designhill blogs, get social media shoutouts, and earn global recognition for your work.
    ...Read More

  • How and in which currency will the reward be given?

    The rewards will be given in the form of cash (dollars) to the main winner and as gift cards to the runners-up....Read More

  • How to ensure your designs gets approved in Studio Challenges?

    - Make Original designs
    - Do not make generic designs
    - Do not use copied designs/icons/elements
    - Use SVG only whenever possible
    - Use more than 4 elements while creating designs
    - 60% of the elements used should be editable
    - Keep the quality high and intact
    - Designs made should be editable on Studio
    ...Read More

  • What is the Turn Around Time for Designs Review Under Studio Challenges?

    The Turn Around Time for each design is 6 days, i.e. A design will be reviewed (approved/rejected) within 6 days of submission....Read More

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