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By Sukutangan pro
Fashion T Shirt Design required by Klub
Zack Scalf paid $99 for a new T-Shirt Design and received 12 designs from 6 Designers.
“ The designer listened to my requests pretty well. Loved the t-shirt design he made for my fashion business. Great work! ”
By Sukutangan pro

Fashion T Shirt Design required by Klub By Zack Scalf

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Note : Design brief last updated on 12 June, 2017
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Fashion T Shirt Design required by Klub

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Klub clothing is aimed towards an exclusive brand based on street wear type clothing with minimalist designs.

For this specific shirt, this is how we want it to look:

The subject of the shirt is going to be based around a run down, abandoned looking house.

There needs to be burglar bars on the windows, it has to look grungy, cracks in the driveway/paint, etc.

This is going to be located in the middle of the shirt.

Make it look like there is a Mercedes G-Class sitting in the driveway, but try not to brand the car as we do not want to run into any issues.

Above the main picture in the middle of the shirt, we woud like it to say "Klub House"

Other than that, we are trying to keep the shirt as minimal as possible, but we are open to any suggestions you may have.
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