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Motivation T-Shirt Design required
Philip Barnao paid $249 for a new T-Shirt Design and received 48 designs from 24 Designers.
Philip Barnao United States
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Motivation T-Shirt Design required By Philip Barnao

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Note : Design brief last updated on 17 October, 2018
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Motivation T-Shirt Design required

Who is the t-shirt for?
  • (1) Men
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Other : Motivation
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
The shirt theme is "Breaking Chains" and refers to breaking free of those things (strongholds) in life that are holding you back. The front of the shirt should be "gaphic design" and the back will be website or slogan text "Breaking Chains that hold you captive" . You are free to get creative with the front of the shirt design. some graphics included are to give you an idea but do not have to be used if you have other creative pictures. to get a feel for us you can visit https://www.facebook.com/BeastGrowth ..i like creative designs, surealism, etc
Description and purpose of your apparel
shirts are for men. Purpose of the shirt is to motivate and inspire in a cool not corny way
What kind of t-shirt do you want designed?
  • Standard Short-sleeve Tshirt
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Do you have any specific colors in mind?

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