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Police Academy T-Shirt Design required
Nicholas Andrew Werner paid $249 for a new T-Shirt Design and received 50 designs from 15 Designers.
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Police Academy T-Shirt Design required By Nicholas Andrew Werner

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Note : Design brief last updated on 24 September, 2018
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Police Academy T-Shirt Design required

Who is the t-shirt for?
  • (1) Men
  • (2) Women
Select your industry
Other : Police Academy
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
Americana, rugged textures are fine, flags, thin blue lines. Just some vague ideas; if you have another style you think is better, by all means please submit it.
Description and purpose of your apparel
Class T-shirt for the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy, class BLE 138

EDIT: The academy is in Shenandoah County by the Blue Ridge Mountains (picture added), those themes are also welcome, but please try to have some police themes in your design.

No "sheepdog" or edgy designs. Shields, blue lines, and similar tasteful executions of police themes would be ideal (sleek designs welcome). The designs may be in the badge area on the left chest, or a center chest design as well as any appropriate design on the back. Either way, please don't make it too flamboyant, complicated, or eye-catching. Our motto is Knowledge - Integrity - Courage, so that could be a consideration-- definitely don't want it to be too prominent though. If it fits your design, possibly add a mirrored flag on the right sleeve with a thin blue line.

I have attached the academy logo, but that's only for if there's a good way to incorporate it into the design as it's certainly not required (some of us would rather not have our shirts branded with it after graduation, but feel free to use its geometry or a similar style to base the shirt off of. Using its colors would be a bit too much). There are men and women going through this academy as well as police departments and sheriff's offices alike, therefore neither a pure badge or sheriff's star would be inclusive. The Departments and Sheriff's Offices currently in the academy in alphabetical order are:

Albemarle County Police Department
Augusta County Sheriff’s Office
Charlottesville Police Department
Clifton Forge Police Department
Culpeper Police Department
Gordonsville Police Department
Greene County Sheriff’s Office
Harrisonburg Police Department
Page County Sheriff’s Office
Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office
Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office
Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office
Staunton Police Department
UVA Police Department
Waynesboro Police Department
Woodstock Police Department

Use of the names of departments and offices is not required, just thought I'd include more options. If used, please put it on the back.

http://www.cscjta.org/ is the academy website.
What kind of t-shirt do you want designed?
  • Standard Short-sleeve Tshirt
What is required on the t-shirt?
BLE 138, as it's our class name and number.
Is there anything that should be avoided?
Too flashy designs, too many colors, unprofessional themes. Keep in mind we're not a sports team.
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Do you have any specific colors in mind?


Dark neutrals

Other colors: A black shirt with blue and white designs, but if you have a better color scheme that would be good without being too eye-catching, I'm open.
Visual Brief - Font
Other fonts: Typical police-used fonts like Eurostile or Waukegan LDO are good, but feel free to use any font that fits with your style. Please don't use Arial or Times New Roman or any other extremely common typeface, it looks cheap and unprofessional.

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