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What is Designhill's Business Loan Calculator?

Designhill's business loan calculator is a free tool. It helps you to figure out a loan’s monthly payment and total interest paid over the loan tenure. The tool is useful for people looking to start their own business. Business requires a flow of fund for smooth functioning, which is why many business owners think of borrowing money from financing bodies. There are various ways to repay a loan, equated monthly installments (EMI) being the most preferred natural method. The business loan calculator helps you pre-determine the monthly payable amount.

How to use Designhill's business loan calculator?

The business loan calculator from Designhill is easy to use. It automatically calculates the equated monthly installments that you would need to pay every month.

All you need to do is to —

  • Enter the loan amount that you are looking to borrow
  • Enter the annual interest rate offered to you by the lending institution
  • Enter the tenure (number of years) you'll need to pay off the loan

That's how the tool calculates the total amount payable at the end of the loan tenure, along with the interest rate. You can get an idea of the monthly payment, total payments, and total interests in a single window. This free business loan calculator also shows you an amortization schedule for better understanding. You can also print the information by clicking on the "Print" button.

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Why your business needs a loan calculator?

A business loan calculator makes it easier for you to figure out your repayment capacity. You no longer need to perform tedious manual calculations. Business loan calculator by Designhill provides you with many other benefits, such as:

  • Experimentation with different parameters: Small business owners can experiment by entering different loan amounts, interest and tenure to figure out how it impacts the equated monthly payments. The tool can help them in getting a better deal.
  • Smart visualization: The online loan calculator helps you visualize the future repayment ability by showing the data in a single window. The amounts divided into payments, interest and balance help you understand everything easily.
  • Determine cash flows: Once you get the idea of exact monthly payment to be made, it helps you plan the cash flow and repayment with ease.
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