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Why to use Designhill business name generator

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A company name is the building-block of branding. Coming up with a business name on your own may seem easy, but it isn't like that. You’re focused and have big plans, but don't want to get settled with a generic company name, right? Well, buying a unique brand name is the solution to this problem. And Designhill’s business name generator will help you in your effort. 


Unlike other company name generators that feature dictionary words for longer name suggestions, Designhill name generator suggests short names relevant to your company. When you save a particular name, the algorithm memorizes your preferences and makes it smarter to recommend over the period.

When you choose a business name suggested by our name generator, you know that it becomes available with the ideal .com domain.   

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Check out our customer reviews ( 4.97 / 5 average from 40049 ratings)

What do you get with our free business name generator?

At Designhill, we are focused on helping your business flourish with a suitable brand name.

Unique business name

You get a unique business name that no one would have ever thought of. The business name generator creates unique names every time you use it.

Full ownership

All business name suggestions come with complete ownership. Once you picked a name, it means no other business owner will ever get that name.

Easily customizable

You can customize your business name to meet your requirements. And you can do it in real-time.

Unlimited business name ideas

You can generate as many business names as you like with our company name generator. Pay only for the name that you think will fit your requirements.

Save time and money

With an online business name generator, you don't need any specific skills or a bug budget. Generate business name ideas for free and save your time.

Build brand identity

Hold your target audience spellbound with a unique and easy-to-remember name.

Make your company look professional

Having plenty of unique names for each industry type, you will definitely get one for your business.

AI-powered name generator

Provide your business name preferences, and our AI-powered tool will bring you creative business name ideas in no time.

Importance of business names

Creates brand identity

It doesn't matter whether you're starting a fashion store, real estate business, food joint, restaurant, jewelry business, education, or something else; you need to give it a name. The brand name offers a peep into the business nature. It also tells prospects about its identity.  The name may vary according to the products/services a company provides. 

Besides giving identity to a business, the name itself creates a new value proposition for the customers. The right business name helps people easily identify the services/products offered by that company. It also gives them the vibe to recall your company name, mainly for unique and high-quality products. 

With Designhill business name generator, you can create a name that sticks in people's minds.

Builds Memorability

The audience always overlooks complex business names. Even passersby tend to forget the names that are hard-to-pronounce, hard-to-remember, or are creepy.  On the other hand, easy and impressive names stick in mind, which automatically wins you half of your branding battle.

Good business names fit comfortably in our brains. That's the reason memorizing it becomes super simple. These are the names that you’re not going to forget anytime soon. The business name lays its emphasis on branding and promotes your services to your target audience as well. On the contrary, memorability encourages your existing customers to spread the words in your favor to the new customers. In short, it boosts word-of-mouth advertisement for your brand.

Word-of-Mouth Advertisement

Be it a small, mid-sized, or big business; word-of-mouth is an evergreen advertisement for it. Any brand's existing customers often go recommending their products/services to others. It's called the word of mouth advertisement. Customers always welcome short and easy names not only for branding but for effortless memorizing purposes as well.

When a brand's existing customers start recommending their products to others, it boosts the yearly sales. And at the end of the year, it surmounts to a wholesome gross profit. That's the power of word-of-mouth advertisement. You don't need to spend even a penny! All you need is a unique, creative, easy, and memorable business name!

That’s where our business name generator comes to your rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have burning questions related to our business name creator? Get them all answered here!

Designhill business name generator can create great business name ideas that you can tailor to your specific needs. Here is how —

  1. 1st Step — Enter a keyword that describes the nature of your business (but don’t be too specific). For example, don’t use ‘notebook’ if you’re into ‘stationery’ business. 
  2. 2nd Step — Pick industry/sector that describes your business explicitly like finance, fashion, food, etc. Don’t worry if you are not sure of it; you can do it later. 
  3. 3rd Step — Click the “generate business names” button. Once clicked, hundreds of names will pop out. Pick a name that matches your needs and is elegant, easy-to-remember, and catchy.

Please note that every name you see can be purchased with an exact .com domain. It's essential in brand building. Besides, you can also choose professional logos by visiting our logo design section. With a name, logo, and .com domain, your brand would be ready to be launched. 

Don’t worry if you are trying to find a great business name from a list or trying to find one from scratch. Just consider this useful checklist.

Qualities of the right business name:

  • Matching .com domain

There is no way that your business name and domain names should be poles apart. A .com domain adds to your business authority and credibility. Also, it safeguards your brand name. You may not find a major business without having a .com domain.  

  • Short & Sweet 

Having a short business name is good, but it shouldn't be just about the character count. It's about syllables. Your brand name should be easy to write, spell, and pronounce. 

  • It should pass the phone test

If the name of your company isn't clear, people will find it challenging to remember or tell others about it. And if it is really awkward, you may need to repeat several times during your phone calls. 

  • Distinctive, not odd

Business names with broken spellings are good to go with. But it should be done carefully. If it is too bizarre, your target audience may start running away from it. And if your customers can’t spell it correctly, how would they find it on the Web? 

  • Not just initials or acronyms 

Although many businesses have initials as names, that's not a great way to name a business. Initials stand for anonymous names and are vague. 

  • Coin/join words 

Coining words and getting a new name is brand-worthy. But it shouldn't be ambiguous or have translation risks. 

  • Suggestive but not descriptive

The chances of a brand name to become successful are fewer if it’s purely descriptive. But if it hints at the nature of your business, it's a good name. Pick a business name that lets your target audience know what you actually do as a brand, your company's strength, and benefits. 

  • Not unique but ownable

It is rare to find two businesses with the same name. But it's not going to hurt to check your name not being taken by anyone else. Also, check for its registered trademarks. If your business name isn't unique, but you have got its .com domain, that's the only thing that matters. 

  • Not overly specific 

A good name shouldn’t restrict itself from business development or expansion. It shouldn’t limit your options as well. If you want to expand your business in the future, it should be relevant then. 

Coming up with your own business name seems easy, but it’s not like that, especially when you’re intended to own a .com domain. Buying a brand name solves delays in launching your company. 

Picking a name that has been developed by experts comes with qualities that make a successful brand name. You only pay when you like the name. 

And when you purchase a brand name from Designhill, you know it will come with a .com domain that makes your good brand name a great business name!

  • A .com domain tells people that you are serious about your business. It adds to your brand’s credibility right from the first day. 
  • Since you will have a .com domain, you can take a sigh of relief. That means any other competitor will not use your name. 
  • A .com domain is the default domain of the world, which has been around for more than thirty years. Therefore, everyone identifies it quickly as a web address. 
  • Having a .com domain protects your business name. No other business can use that name in the future because you have already booked the .com domain. 
  • Using a .com domain also means that your audiences do not have to remember anything else. It would be easier for them to recall your brand name. 
  • A .com domain name is universal. In case you plan to expand your business outside your country, the .com domain name will not restrict you.
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