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Whether it’s a quiz form, survey form, sales form, customer feedback form, sign up form, or something else, pick relevant form templates and fields to proceed further. 

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Now, build a form and save it for further use. If required, you can also download it right away. 


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Why should you create an online form with Designhill?

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What do you do when you need details/information from people? You ask them, right? In the case of strangers, you initiate a little talk. What if you have to ask not one person but ten, hundreds of even more? Asking isn’t the appropriate option to consider in that scenario. Then what? You need to build a custom online form. 

There are hundreds of form builders out there. But all they lack is a human touch. Keep in mind that a human should read the form you are planning to send. So, it shouldn't be something that they would find bizarre to provide you their information with. Instead, it should be a conversation starter! 

Designhill’s online form builder is a smart tool that simplifies form creation for you. The online form creator comes with an easy-to-use interface. You just have to choose a suitable form template, select relevant fields, and that’s it. There is no need to download it or install pesky add-ons. Just use it online, and that’s done. The online form that you create with our form maker generates better conversation and engagement. 

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Check out our customer reviews ( 4.97 / 5 average from 40986 ratings)

What you get with our free online form builder

At Designhill, we help you start engaging conversations with your existing/target audience.

Full ownership

All online forms come with design copyright and ownership.

Boost brand identity

With the online form creator, you can enhance your brand visibility. A professional form is what you need to attract the audience and seek their details.

24x7 live support

You can find answers to questions related to our online form builder without any fuss. Our 24x7 customer support team is right there to help you out.

100% customizable forms

You can customize your online form to meet your specific requirements. You can do it without any hassles.

Unlimited form designs and ideas

With our free online form builder, you can create as many forms as you want. You can also get hundreds of form ideas accessible in just a few clicks.

Save your time and money.

With Designhill’s online form builder free to use, you don’t have to be a pro or spend hundreds of dollars. Create an online form for free and save your time and money.

Grow your brand

Impress your existing and new customers with a well-designed form created by the best online form builder.

Make your brand look professional.

With many design elements such as colors, icons, symbols, etc. to choose from, you will get a form ready to impress your audience.

Modern and classic styles

Our free online form creator offers a wide array of modern and classic form templates. Pick anyone that matches with your needs.


All you have to do is to provide your preferences and likings based on which our best online form builder will create a form in just a few clicks!

Importance of online forms

Online forms make tracking easy

If you own a website, let online forms be your best buddies. Forms allow you to keep track of your website's visitors, at what time they visited, the amount of time they spent, and the pages they navigated through. Having such information helps you improve your user experience. And if you succeed in compelling them to fill an online form, you get answers to all the above questions.  

Once you manage to harvest such information, it helps your brand to grow by creating a persona. It will help you know which potential customers to target, which communication channels are effective, and which products they like the most. You can get the answers to all these questions, once you create an online form and manage to get it filled.

Initiates better communication

No matter whoever visits your site, all the users want is one thing — quick communication. With Designhill's online form creator, you can create a form that will offer an easy and instant reply to your customers' queries. Depending on the form type available on your site, visitors need to be responded through an email (later or sooner)once the form is filled.

It is nothing like regular communication on a website that takes place without any form where users get only an email for contact purposes. Communicating through emails could be time-consuming, triggering a series of emails. On the other hand, online forms let the users complete each detail you seek in just one go, be it regarding product selection, payment method, or something else. Overall, the online form cuts down the time involved in communication, hence, giving users a great relief.

Convenient for users and business owners

No matter what type of form you create using our free online form maker, one thing is sure — it's convenient for both the site owner and the visitor. The online forms allow the business owners to decide what information they require from the visitors. You can customize the details you need to be filled as per your marketing campaigns or strategies that are helpful for your business growth. Also, you can build the forms to direct the visitors to what they are looking for in a mechanized way.    

On the users’ part, online forms provide a convenient way to communicate without generating and following a series of emails. You can even subscribe to the email lists that you want to subscribe to or create a product order list without compromising with your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have burning questions related to our online form creator? Get them all answered here:

You can create any form — the options are enormous. For example, you can create an online form for survey questionnaires, data entry forms, customer feedback forms, product order forms, contact forms, sign up forms, and more. 

Absolutely not! Our online form creator comes with an easy-to-use interface that anybody can use, regardless of technical skills. You can create online forms and publish them without any specific programming or coding knowledge.

Technically, there is a limit, but most probably, no one will ever reach it. Some users have created forms containing hundreds of fields with ease. Our online form maker allows you to create unlimited forms and gather unlimited responses. 

Yes, you can easily integrate forms into your site by pasting the HTML code that comes with it. You can even use our advanced publishing method for the purpose. 

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