Image resizer

Use designhill's free online optimized image resizer

What is Designhill’s Image Resizer Tool?

Online Image Resizer by Designhill is a free tool that helps you resize your pictures with ease. You can compress an image to be used on social networking sites or for any other purpose on-the-go. The tool is absolutely free to use. It doesn’t require you to download any software or sign up to access! Just upload your image file and start resizing it.

How to use Designhill’s image resizer?

A large image file can prove to be an obstruction in emailing or using it somewhere on the Web. It could take a long time to upload or download. But with Designhill's free image resizer tool, you can adjust its size in just a matter of minutes. Here is how to use the photo resize tool:

Launch the tool by accessing Designhill’s website.

  • Choose the image file that you want to resize
  • Once the file is uploaded, it will appear on the tool’s window
  • Enter the desired width in the "width" section
  • Enter the desired height in the "height" section
  • The image will be resized in almost no time. Once you are happy with the image, click on the "download" button

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Why you need Designhill’s free image resizer tool?

Online image resizer makes the image resizing a seamless process. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Even a non-technical person can perform resizing without any hassle. No matter what your image size is, you can always change its height and width in just a few clicks. Look at the benefits that the tool provides.

  • Automatic resizes photos: You don't have to adjust the size of an image manually. The free image resizer needs height and width to be entered, and it resizes the image automatically. Unlike manual resizing, the process is quick and easy.
  • Real-time preview: You can see the changes in real-time as the tool adjusts the size of your image instantly.
  • Select from hundreds of options: Designhill's image resizer helps to resize image instantly, tailored to your image format and size.
  • Free of cost: You do not need to pay any charges using this tool. It's absolutely free, and you can use it for as many times as you want!

That's all! You've made it. You can download your resized image now. Designhill's free image resizer makes it easy for you to adjust the width and height of an image.

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