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About Image Resizer
The Best Online Image Resizer Ever. Try It, It's Free To Use!

Designhill’s Online Image Resizer is a revolutionary image optimizer tool with a number of free picture resizing options.

Select from a number of photo editing functions: resize photos and images, choose from preset pixel dimensions or take your pick from custom width and height.

Here’s a surprise:
There are a plenty of cool photo effects and photo editing options available with this brilliant tool.

How can image resizer help you?

Here are just some of many things you can do with this free image resizer tool:

  • You can easily resize pictures, resize photos and resize images. Plus you can conveniently compress, convert, and create copies of your pictures.
  • You get high-quality results within seconds.
  • The tool comes packed with high quality image resizing filters.
  • You can create ready to publish images using this amazing tool.
  • You can sort, rename or add a watermark to protect your pictures against copyright infringements.
How it works?

Editing, cropping, resizing and optimizing your images was never easier. Check out the easy steps to know it works:

  • Click "Get Started" button
  • Upload your images or photo that you wish to resize. Upload photos directly from your computer or from your album.
  • Select Resize or Crop photo options.
  • Choose width and height in pixels for result picture.
  • Select width and height or simply pick from preset pixel dimensions.

Tips to Use Online Image Resizer

Here are 5 tips that you must follow in order to get a superior result:

  1. Whenever you plan to resize an image, do ensure that the image is a high-resolution image taken using high DPI technology. This is to ensure that online picture resizer tool keeps the picture quality intact after you resize your images online.
  2. In order to ensure a high-quality image, always use larger file formats. This will help you make sure that you get the best quality results once you resize the pictures.
  3. It makes sense to use .eps or .tiff file formats to get the maximum resolution and clarity for syour resized images.
  4. Avoid using file formats that compress the file as they might damage the resized images. It is very important to be heedful of using the correct file formats to save your resized images.
  5. Be very careful when using Online Image Resizer as not being careful can result in a damaged photo quality.
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