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How to make your own communication logo

Follow these steps to create your communications logo.

    1. Launch our communication logo maker DIY tool.
    2. Next, choose from hundreds of templates and styles.
    3. Pick a suitable color as per your brand guidelines.
    4. Choose appropriate fonts, icons, text, or other elements and customize them to your liking.
    5. Click on the ‘Save’ symbol to save the desired brandmark.
    6. Check how your communication logo will look on various products in real-time. 
    7. Buy and complete the payment process to download the files.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It was so quick and easy to use.


Jonathon Munoz Jonathon Munoz Pvt Ltd


A very easy site to use to create a quick simple logo


Adam Kemp Adam Kemp Software


Lots of choices, great ease completing a finished product!


Sonja Lucas Sonja Lucas Networks


The most unique logos generated by any logo maker online! Great customer support.

Local Support

Andriel Layla Local Support Services

Local Support

Awesome site and helpful for ventures. Awesome customer support.


Nicolas Jonas Nicolas Jonas Technology


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a communication logo?

The communications sector is highly competitive spanning across, broadcasting, transmitting, networking, and other domains. A relevant logo helps build your recognition while distinguishing you from competitors. 


How long will it take to create a communication logo?

After you’ve entered the basic information about your communications business, it takes just a few clicks to get your new communication logo ready.


What kinds of symbols or icons should I choose for my communication logo?

While our online logo builder has an extensive library of icons and symbols, we suggest you choose a relevant one. For example, you can go for a phone, computer, mobile tower, messaging, or any other icon related to them.  


Why should I use Designhill Communication logo creator?

Designhill logo generator is AI-powered, which means you can create a communication logo just like a pro designer. In addition, the tool's incredible customization features make personalization fun for everyone — from a novice to a pro designer. Finally, with the ability to quickly make alterations, the tool ensures you will have your sign ready in almost no time.


How can I make my communication logo look appealing?

We recommend leveraging the in-built templates and styles to make your brandmark appealing. Choose logos that resonate with your target audience. For example, choose a mobile tower, computer, or related icons to portray the true aspects of your communication business. The right color and font selection also go a long way in making a unique logo.


Are communication logos created using the Designhill logo builder the same as those created by a professional designer?

Our communication logo maker is a quick and affordable alternative for those on a strict budget but still desire a professional brandmark. 

On the contrary, those with ample resources can opt to work with a designer for a more personalized, unique, and authentic design. Collaborating with a professional designer enables them to use their own thought process and creativity to generate a standout brandmark.