Dragon Logo Maker

Explore & Customize Dragon Logo Templates with Ease

Personalize a template to create a dragon logo that reflects your brand’s values and personality.

How to create your own Dragon logo

Consider these simple steps to make your serpent logo:

    1. Launch our dragon logo maker free tool.
    2. Next, choose from hundreds of pre-created templates and styles.
    3. Select a suitable color as per your brand guidelines.
    4. Pick appropriate fonts, icons, text, or other elements and customize them to your liking.
    5. Click on the ‘Save’ symbol to save the desired brandmark.
    6. Check to see how it will look on various products in real-time. 
    7. Buy and complete the payment process to download the files. 


This is the first logo creator that I have been satisfied with.

Dragonara Casino Dragon Logo

Alston Jones Dragonara Casino

Dragon Logo

The logo creation process is very easy and it delivers the exact dragon logo I wanted.

Bike Dragons

Isabella Brown Bike Dragons

Bike Dragons

I really can't think of better way to design a logo in such an easy way.

Legio Draconus

Kamdyn Jones Legio Draconus

Dragon logo

Great experience working with Designhill to design the dragon logo for my new company.

Dragon Breath

Karsyn Miller Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath

I enjoyed using the dragon logo maker tool and found a few icons that worked for me.

Team Grago

Mia Garcia Team Grago

Team Grago

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a dragon logo?

Today's business sphere is competitive. Every business out there wants to stand out, but not all succeed. Having a cool serpent logo sets your business apart from others. It makes it easier for people to distinguish your brand. 


How long will it take to get a serpent logo for my business?

After you’ve entered the basic information about your business, it takes just a few clicks to get your new dragon logo ready.


What type of symbols or icons should I choose for my dragon logo?

While our tool has an extensive library of icons and symbols, we recommend you choose a related one. For example, you can select a serpent head, cartoon dragon face, body, fire, and other symbolisms.


Why should I use the Designhill serpent logo maker?

AI powers Designhill logo creator, enabling this DIY tool to help you make a serpent brandmark like a pro designer. In addition, the tool's incredible customization features make personalization fun for everyone— from a novice to a pro designer. With the ability to quickly make alterations, the tool ensures you will have your insignia ready in just a few seconds.


Are dragon logos made using Designhill logo creator the same as a logo made by a professional?


Our logo builder is the perfect tool for people with a strict budget who want a professional serpent logo. It works as a quick and affordable alternative.

On the other hand, people with no budget constraints can work with a designer. Working with a designer ensures more professional, unique, and authentic design as they use their own thought process to create a brandmark.


How much does it cost to create a brandmark using your AI tool?

Our AI tool offers an affordable solution for making a dragon logo. The platform has three different packages, each providing a range of features to cater to your unique needs. 

Packages are: 

(a) Basic Package: This package provides low-resolution logo files only. This package is suitable for those low on budget and just starting. 

(b) Premium Package: It offers high-resolution vector files suitable for websites, social media, print, packaging & branding. 

(c) Enterprise Package: This package is curated for businesses requiring compact branding. It provides custom-designed solutions created by professional designers.