Etsy Logo Maker

How to create an Etsy logo?

Follow these easy steps to generate a logo for your Etsy shop:

    1. Launch our Etsy logo maker tool.
    2. Next, select from hundreds of pre-designed Etsy templates and logo styles.
    3. Pick a suitable color as per your store’s theme.
    4. Select relevant fonts, text, icons, frames, or other elements and personalize them per your needs.
    5. Click on the ‘Save’ symbol to save the desired brandmark.
    6. Check to see how it will look on various products in real-time. 
    7. Buy and complete the payment process to download the files.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a logo for my Etsy shop?

Etsy is an e-commerce platform for all sellers and buyers. Its boom over the period has turned it into a highly competitive platform. So having a great brand representation is crucial for setting yourself apart from others in the same niche. Creating a relevant Etsy logo will simplify the whole brand-building process. 


How long will it take to create an Etsy shop logo?

After entering the basic information about your store, it takes just a few clicks to get your new brand asset ready.


What graphics, symbols, or icons should I add to my Etsy logo?

While our logo creator has an in-built library of graphics, icons, and symbols, we recommend you choose an icon relevant to your business. Adding the symbols of a shopping cart or bag can help customers distinguish your store. 


Why should I use Designhill’s Etsy shop logo maker?

Designhill logo creator is AI-powered, which means it can help you achieve perfection in generating your brandmark, just like a pro designer. This DIY tool also has great customization features, which make personalization easy for everyone — from a pro designer to a novice. With quick alterations and modifications, you can have your brand asset in minutes.


Is an Etsy logo created using Designhill’s logo generator the same as a custom logo designed by a professional designer?

Designhill Etsy shop logo generator is suitable for people with a limited budget. This AI tool is an excellent alternative to design agencies. 

On the other hand, a logo made by a designer is known for its originality. This is because designers thoroughly read your brief to create something based on your input.


How much will it cost to create a brandmark using the Designhill Etsy logo maker?

It costs minimal to create your logo using our AI tool. There are three packages. You can choose a package based on the features provided and your requirements.