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How to create a garage logo with Designhill?

Creating a car garage logo for your business is easy. Follow these simple steps to make a logo using our garage logo creator in just a few minutes.

Enter your business name
1. Enter your business name:

Enter your business name to find logos relevant to it. Our garage logo maker will automatically show logos relevant to your business. Explore the logo templates and pick the ones that you love.

Choose symbols and elements
2. Choose symbols and elements :

If you want your car garage logo to have different icons and colors, choose these elements from our pre-created library. Explore the library and find design elements relevant to your business.

Save desired garage logos
3. Save desired garage logos:

Click the “Save” symbol to shortlist, and we will save all the desired logos. Later, you can access and filter the shortlisted ones. This will help you access the saved logos in one place.

Customize your garage logo
4. Customize your garage logo:

Once you’ve got a desired garage business logo, you can personalize the color, font, and layout according to your brand guidelines. You can even add more elements that make your logo meaningful.

Preview your garage logo
5. Preview your garage logo:

After customization is done, you can preview your garage logo on signage, stationery, apparel, and other products to see how it will look and feel in real life.

Download your logo files
6. Download your logo files:

When you’re happy with how your garage business logo looks and feels, you can download it. You can access all the logo files, including, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG. Use your logo the way you like.

Didn’t have any idea about logo design. The Designhill logo maker made it possible for me to make a garage logo. It saved me valuable time and money. Would recommend it to all my friends and family.

Albait Aldahabi

James Hill Albait Aldahabi

Albait Aldahabi

The logo I designed using this tool is remarkable since it didn’t involve a big money. Liked the range of icons that it offers. Intuitive interface and easy functionality.


Benjamin Adams OTJPH


Truly impressed by the garage logo I created. It’s professional and looks better than others in the market. You should definitely give this tool a try.

RMP Performance

Michael Campbell RMP Performance

RMP Performance

I cannot express how pleased I am with the service I've received. 

The booking station

Henry Baker The booking station

The booking station

I have not made a garage logo before. The tool is very easy to use. I am impressed. 

Gasoline Savers

Mason Rivera Gasoline Savers

Gasoline Savers

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my garage business need a logo?

Due to the increase in number of vehicles, the auto industry is booming fast. This has also led to an exponential rise in auto repair and garage businesses. This industry is highly competitive, so building your identity through a well-made brandmark is crucial. Creating a relevant logo boosts your identity while distinguishing yourself from competitors. 


How long will it take to make a garage logo?

Once you have entered the basic information like name and selected icon, color, etc., generating your logo takes just a few clicks. 


What type of symbols or icons should I choose for my car garage logo?

While Designhill logo maker has an in-built library of symbols, we recommend you pick only the relevant ones. For example, you can choose cars, keys, a shed with car, mechanics, and tools icons to relate to your card garage business. 


Why should I use the Designhill garage logo maker?

Our online logo creator is AI-powered. It means you can create your garage logo just like a pro designer. Besides, the DIY tool's interactive customization features simplify personalization for everyone — from a novice to a skilled designer. Finally, with the quick alteration options, the tool ensures you will have your logo ready in almost no time.


How can I make my garage logos look appealing?

We recommend leveraging the in-built templates and styles to make your brandmark appealing. First, choose car garage logos that resonate with your target audience. For example, choose keys, car, car shed, tools, or related icons to portray the true aspects of your business. The right color and font selection also go a long way in creating a unique logo.


Are garage logos created using the Designhill logo builder the same as those made by a designer?

Our garage logo maker is a quick and affordable alternative for those on a strict budget but still desire a professional brandmark. 

On the contrary, those with ample resources can opt to work with a designer for a more personalized, unique, and authentic design. Collaborating with a professional designer enables them to use their own thought process and creativity to generate a standout brand mark.