How to Create a Logo: Comparing The Best Options to Design a Logo

How to Create a Logo: Comparing The Best Options to Design a Logo

A logo is a core visual identity of a business that intends to target customers with a message. Since logos are in physical as well as digital spaces, you must design these visuals thoughtfully for solid brand awareness. A logo maker is usually an option to create a cost-effective design, but there are other options.

  • Consider these tips before creating your logo

    Before you create your logo using any means, ensure that you are well prepared for the process. Logo designing is not as simple as it looks at first glance. There is thinking behind every logo since it is a brand identity and must convey a brand's message, values and personality.

  • 1. Know your niche and target customer

    You need to find out how your brand differs from the other brands. Then deduce who is your ideal customer and what your customer persona looks like. Once you determine that, you can target those customers through logo design.

  • 2. Define your brand personality and values

    So, before creating a logo, the first step is finding your brand values and message for target customers. You should research your niche market to find out what message your brand should convey to your customers through a visual like your logo. Find out who are your target customers and try to create a customer persona. Then, you will have an objective for the design. You will pick design colors, fonts, and other elements keeping that one customer in mind. 

    Even when yours is an established business, it would be good to revisit your brand strategy if you want to redesign your logo or even when just tweaking it here or there. 

    You must know your brand personality beforehand. For example, is your brand something formal or informal? Is your brand caring, or is it funny, trustworthy, or straightforward? Answer these questions to know your brand personality. Also, get your brand message for customers and values written down. 

    Once you have put in place all this knowledge, you can proceed to explore your logo creation options.

  • Here are the main options to get your logo design

  • 1. Logo makers

  • What is a logo maker?

    A logo maker is an AI-based software that allows you to create a design quickly using the drag and drop method. Such software comes with a design template and a library of design elements, including colors and fonts. Then, you must choose colors, fonts, images, symbols, and such elements and drop them in the set space within the template. Some logo makers let you choose the elements and then develop numerous design ideas in response to your brief.

  • How a logo maker works

    The job of a logo maker is to help you create a logo in quick steps without professional knowledge and experience. 

    First, visit the logo maker site of your choice. For instance, you can choose Designhill Logo Maker, a leading software for creating logos. 

    Then, fill in your business or company name and design requirements. Next, you should pick your choice of the design template, colors, fonts, images, icons, and symbols. This serves as a design brief for the logo creator software.  

    The DIY tool then comes up with several logo ideas based on your choice of colors, fonts, etc. You can pick one of those ideas and customize that into your identity. Then, all you need to do is to download your logo for its use as the core visual identity of your brand.

    Want to create a professional logo on your own?

    Designhill logo maker is an AI-powered intelligent tool that lets you create a memorable logo on your own in minutes. You don’t need to be a design pro. Its interactive interface guides you through the process.
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  • Who should opt for a logo maker?

    Logo makers are inexpensive options for business owners and individuals. So, those who do not want to spend a lot of money for their initial logos of new businesses can use DIY software. They charge meager money only when you download the tool's self-created logo. 

    If you need a logo right away for brand promotion or a newly launched product and business, then a logo maker will help. Also, use this option in case you are not too picky. 

    The logo maker is also ideal for those who want to eliminate middlemen from the design process. Instead, you design the logo all by yourself.

  • 2. Logo design contests

  • What is a design contest?

    A logo design contest is a way to crowdsource your logo through a competition. First, you launch the contest for the designers with attractive prize money for the winner. Then, at the end of the contest, you can choose a logo design from dozens of design submissions from the designers and release the prize money to the winner. Or, if none of the design ideas are satisfactory, you can reject them and get back your money from the platform. 

    As the contest owner, you can interact with the designers to guide them and respond to their feedback regarding their design ideas during the contest period. So, you get logos from real designers. Once you pick a winning design, the marketplace will transfer the exclusive copyright to the design from the designer to the contest owner. 

    To start your design contest, all you are supposed to do is to open an account with the marketplace or platform and follow their instructions. As you launch your contest, the registered designers with the marketplace will view the contest and create designs to win the contest.

    Start a logo contest to get a winning design.

  • Who should opt for design contests?

    Logo design contests are typically best suited to business owners or individuals with a budget ranging from $249 to $999. But you should also be prepared to ‌wait up to two weeks before picking a winning design. 

    Those business owners who are unsure of what direction they should follow in terms of visual styles can also opt for the contest route. When designers submit various design ideas, choosing a design style and making it your brand identity is much easier.

  • 3. Freelance designers

  • Who is a freelancer designer?

    A freelancer designer is a self-employed independent contributor who works on a project-by-project basis. So, freelancers set their rates and can even plan their schedules as suits them. Therefore, when creating a logo, think of freelancers' logo design rates, ranging widely from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. They can also charge you hourly or on a per-project basis. 

    But note that the skill levels of freelancers vary a lot. They may have only a few years of experience with limited skills, or some might be experts in their field because of their education, training, and experience. 

    As far as freelancers' skill levels are concerned, you can search them for their varied sets of skills as per your design requirements. You should review their portfolios and evaluate their past sample works, to get a gist of their design style. Then, compare them to see which one is best suited to work on your project.

  • Where to find freelancers?

    You can find freelancer designers everywhere, including in your locality. Primarily, business owners locate freelancers through word-of-mouth referrals. Others use personal connections to access a skillful designer. 

    But if you are lacking in connections, Google them to search the web and see if someone is around your place. You can work with them online as well. So, a freelancer can work on your project in another corner of the world.

  • Who should hire freelance designers?

    Those business owners who have a mid-range budget can work with freelance designers. But such clients must clearly understand what they need from a design and how it should look as their brand identity. Most clients also want to get involved in the design process until it is completed. For them, hiring a freelancer is the best way to create a logo. 

    An advantage of hiring freelancers is that they are primarily experienced designers who can read a client’s brief precisely to know what design style to adopt.

  • 4. Design agencies

  • What is a design agency?

    A design agency is a company dedicated to creating graphic designs in the most professional way possible. They have a team of professionally trained designers who look into a client’s design requirements from all the different angles when creating a brand identity. That is why the logo design rates of design agencies can start from thousands of dollars. 

    Since they work professionally, they usually take many months to do a design project. Such an agency will spend a lot of time researching your market niche and will analyze your competitors to see where your brand stands. 

    Because of their thorough professionalism, reputed design agencies are typically expensive for small business owners. Their typical fee charges to design a logo start at $10000 and anywhere above that.

  • Where to find them?

    Design agencies of all scales are everywhere. Their size and scope vary greatly as some are multinational firms catering to big clients worldwide. They are known for their expertise, a wide range of skills, and cultural aspects of designs for an enriched brand development process. 

    Suppose you're looking for a less expensive design agency. Such agencies work with their local communities. Usually, you can search your locality for an agency-specific to your design requirements.

  • Who should hire a design agency?

    A design agency is generally considered suitable for businesses already established in their niche and can spend lots of money to create an outstanding logo. Such businesses also typically want design agencies to develop brand guidelines about brand style, voice, and personality. 

    Also, businesses with a considerable budget to spend creating visual identities should look for a design agency with a good reputation. The agency should be a choice if you need to hire someone for full-service branding. At the same time, opt for the agency if you can wait for months before getting your logo design.  

    An advantage of hiring a design agency is that it will work like an expert to create your logo design. So, you will have the best logo for your brand personality. 

    Agencies guide you in picking the right design to best convey your brand personality and message. This is particularly important since many business owners are unsure which design and style will suit them best for branding purposes. Agencies will guide you with some well-researched data. 

    So, these are the major options you can exploit to your advantage, depending on your design requirements. Pay heed to each option and pick the right one for your branding efforts.

Wrapping Up

While your logo must look unique and visually appealing, you can explore different design options and choose the one that best suits your requirements. So, you can use a logo maker DIY tool to design a logo all by yourself at a minimum price. Or, you can hire a freelancer or a design agency. You also can take the logo design contest route to get many design ideas and pick the one that best represents your brand.