Tips for Creating a Striking YouTube Logo to Boost Your Channel in 2024

YouTube Logo to Boost Your Channel

What do you think a logo maker or designer is the better way to get a logo for your YouTube channel? YouTube is among the biggest social media platforms having millions of channels. So, your new channel has to compete hard to gain subscribers and viewers. This is where you must have a striking YouTube logo to drive people’s attention to your channel. 

Social media is increasingly used as a potent marketing tool in this digital age. More businesses are reaching out to millions of target customers using these channels. But of all the social channels, YouTube is one of the most popular for promoting businesses. Almost all the global and local brands have their channels on this platform with millions of viewers. With increasing competition, businesses need to stand out, and logos come first. 

Like many others, you also might be thinking of launching your YouTube channel with unique content and ideas. But amongst the first things to put in place is your YouTube logo for the channel to draw viewers’ attention to your channel. Hire a professional logo designer or use an online logo maker if you don’t want to break your bank for getting a logo.

  • Why do you need a unique YouTube channel logo?

    YouTube is a visual platform where millions of business owners have channels to promote their products or services. Such a vast place is indeed highly competitive for a newcomer. Even the established channel owners also have to compete by showing unique content. So, most users struggle to make their channels trustworthy for their audience. 

    A logo design can make a great first impression. Your YouTube logo is your tool to drive viewers' attention instantly to your channel. A uniquely designed logo stands out and raises curiosity to click on the channel link. 

    Also, a strategically designed logo will help in increasing your channel’s credibility. This is because the design is aesthetically pleasing and compels viewers to perceive your channel and business well.

    With a nicely designed logo, your channel will become a strong brand in no time since people see you as a professional. 

    Another benefit of an impressive logo is that people can instantly recognize and recall your channel. This helps in building a loyal community for your channel.  

    So, create the logo with some design tips in mind, making sure the logo design drives people’s attention.

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  • Tips for creating a strong YouTube logo for your channel

  • 1. Keep it simple

    Avoid designing a logo that looks complicated to the viewers. They cannot get any message about your channel by looking at the complex design of your logo. So, keep the design as simple as you can.

  • 2. Use one or two colors

    Make sure your YouTube logo has just one or two colors because it’s a very tiny graphic element. But they should be visible if you want to use more colors. So, in that case, use a contrasting background to pop up the colors.

  • 3. Know the image size

    The first thing to know when creating your YouTube logo is its image size. The ideal image size for this channel logo is an 800 X 800 pixel (a 1:1 aspect ratio) image. But YouTube does not generally display the image in its full size. So, it is prudent to keep the image size a little larger so that it still looks complete when reduced by the channel.

  • 4. Save in the right file format

    Logos of all channels are displayed in circular shapes — make a note of it. This means that if you created the logo in a square shape, it would not reveal its corners, and essential information would get cropped.

    Therefore, keep your channel name and other vital elements right in the middle when creating the logo in a square shape.  

    Another issue you may confront is the file format. For example, should you save your YouTube channel logo in PNG or JPG? While both the file formats are acceptable for this channel, experts usually recommend keeping it in PNG.

  • 5. Use an acronym carefully

    If you do not want to use your full business name in your YouTube channel logo with no artwork such as illustration, it is still ok for viewers. But ensure that the logo design stands out.

  • Explore different styles

    YouTube channel logos come in various design styles, even within a niche. So, do not limit yourself to any design trends or style guides. Instead, just be yourself when deciding on the style. Consider your personality and what you do on your channel.

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  • Choose the right logo type

    Logos come in many categories, and you should carefully pick one for your YouTube logo. There are mainly five categories of logos. 

    1. Abstract logo

      An abstract logo has an unconventional image with no definite meaning. Opt for this logo when your channel is about some out-of-the-box ideas. 

    2. Figure logo or screenshot logo

      Many YouTube logos go for this category, especially those in the business of fitness, food, games, etc. 

    3. Pixel art logo

      If your channel is about games, you can think of using a logo created in pixel art. 

    4. Text logo

      Any channel can have a logo with text such as a channel name or a slogan. 

    5. Combination logo

      A combination logo uses the elements of any two types of logos. Any channel can have such a logo. For instance, it could be a combination of pixel art and text. 

    So, try multiple versions such as text-only logo, image-only logo, a combination of both text and image, and use different colors. You will have many logo options to compare to have a design that meets your requirements.

  • How to source your YouTube logo?

    Now that you know what goes into making a YouTube logo, find out how you can source it. You have mainly two ways to get your logo designed. The first is to hire a logo designer, and the second is to create it yourself. 

    Hiring a logo designer is not advisable for small business owners or startups with a moderate budget as it is an expensive option. A professional designer generally charges a high fee, which could be unaffordable for people who are starting new. If you are an individual, the costs become unbearable. 

    So, the second option of designing a logo makes sense if you fall in the abovementioned category. Note that you can design your YouTube logo without any design experience. Thanks to logo maker tools! Many free logo maker online tools are accessible, which you can easily explore. 

    Such a logo maker for YouTube is a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) tool that lets users create a design without having any design experience or skills. These tools have a drag-and-drop feature and radio buttons to indicate your choices. An AI-based software can produce multiple logo design options immediately. 

    But not all the logo makers are made equal. Pick a tool that is easier to handle and lets you design in a few quick and simple steps. Designhill Logo Maker is software millions of users have explored to create YouTube logos all by themselves.

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  • Here is how you can design your YouTube logo using Designhill Logo Maker in a few steps

  • Step 1: Open Designhill Logo Maker

    The first step is to visit the Designhill Logo Maker and click the “Create a logo for free” button.

  • Step 2: Choose your design styles

    This free logo maker asks you to pick your design styles. The tool has more than 100 options of style. You can find YouTube logo styles by accessing these design styles. 

    Make sure you pick your style option carefully after deciding on the style that best suits your YouTube channel personality. So, choose a style that reflects what you do on your channel.

  • Step 3: Pick color schemes

    Next, you will be asked to pick your color schemes. When thinking of how to create a logo, ponder on the right colors to evoke the intended emotions of the viewers. So, while the logo maker offers you plenty of colors to choose from, pick the ones that can best convey your message emotionally.

  • Step 4: Give company name and slogan

    Designhill online logo maker then lets you give your company name, which is the name of your YouTube channel name. You can also add a slogan that you would like to go with the logo design. Also, you can choose your industry, which helps the tool develop the best designs that suit your industry.

  • Step 5: Mention symbols, if any

    You are asked to give your choice of symbols that will help the logo maker online to come up with a design that is closer to your requirements. The tool lets you choose five symbols related to your YouTube channel's industry. This is an optional step.

  • Step 6: Get dozens of logo ideas

    Once you complete the above steps, the logo maker has plenty of YouTube logo ideas. All these ideas comply with what information you provided in your brief regarding design styles, colors, your channel's name, slogans, and symbols. You will access many logos in different geometrical shapes and colors.  

    So, probably, the logo has shown up as what you had in mind regarding your YouTube channel logo. At this stage, you should go through those logos carefully to finally know which one of them will be best suited to represent your channel. 

    Also, if you are not still satisfied with the results, start the process again from step one. Try choosing different design styles, color schemes, and symbols and see the new set of logo ideas. Repeat this process until you have an impressive design you like at first glance.

  • Step 7: Customize and download

    After you have finally picked one logo idea that best reflects the personality and message of your YouTube channel, you should develop this design further. You can customize the logo to refine it to look like a unique and impressive design.

    Once you are delighted with your customized YouTube channel logo, all you need to do is to download it and display it on your channel as its identity.  

    So, consider these tips to design a unique YouTube logo that can drive the attention of your target audience and send them your intended brand message.

Wrapping Up

Your YouTube logo is your channel’s identity, so it should be a simple design that can send its brand message quickly to the target audience. But use one or two colors only, and keep the shape simple. Consider the right image, text, other elements, and the right type of logo. A logo maker can help in designing the logo as per your input.

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