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GCS Investment Adviser Website Design required
Rakesh Khilnani paid $549 for a new Website Design and received 37 designs from 10 Designers.
Rakesh Khilnani United States
“ All went well. I wish we had the ability to video conference with screen share with the designers. ”
By Pb

GCS Investment Adviser Website Design required By Rakesh Khilnani

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Note : Design brief last updated on 19 January, 2019
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GCS Investment Adviser Website Design required

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We basically have a business card website right now. We would like to have a more dynamic site developed. As our name is Global Capital Strategies, having a global feel would be good. Our logo colors are gold and platinum. My first thought was to show black and white photos of prominent locations from around the world, for example, NYC, Miami, San Francisco, London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong skylines and Taj Mehal, Pyramids. Perhaps the photos morph into each other. I will need tabs for "Who we are", "What we do", "Who we Serve", "Our Portfolios", "Disclosures".
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