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Internet Website Design for MetaBeyond - An AI Driven Metadata and Content Management System
Adam Miller paid $1299 for a new Website Design and received 60 designs from 8 Designers.

Internet Website Design for MetaBeyond - An AI Driven Metadata and Content Management System By Adam Miller

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Note : Design brief last updated on 1 February, 2019
Contest title

Internet Website Design for MetaBeyond - An AI Driven Metadata and Content Management System

What is your organization or website name?
Briefly describe what you do and your target audience.
We are an internet technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence to enrich web content (video, audio, images) with metadata.

Who we are, corporate statement: MetaBeyond is a cloud native, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven, metadata enrichment and content management system/platform. We use AI to enrich and empower content and metadata beyond what is currently available; never seen before. We are an Amazon AWS partner.

What we do: We take boring lifeless assets (like video, audio, image files), and make these assets super rich with metadata using AI, allowing the end user experience to be much more engaging. Our product is an ALL in ONE single management system/platform.

Target Customers: Any internet company that needs to manage and add metadata to their video, audio, image libraries. We help companies enrich, empower and manage their metadata and content (video, audio images, etc.) using AI, adding life, dimension, richness. Companies as large as NetFlix, or medium as sports fan site.

The domain name will be:
Select your industry
What ideas do you have for the style/theme of your website design?
We encourage you to be creative with your submissions, and attempt a next generation of web design. "Fresh".

Key: Simple and elegant, with color. "Fresh"

We prefer main navigation to be oriented on the right.

Please keep mobile friendly (responsive design) in mind when submitting your ideas. The final design should be easily incorporated into a mobile form factor. Responsive design.

We are technology company therefore, the customer must be able to find information fast and easily.

UPDATE: For themes/styles and artwork suggestions - please attempt to use illustrations/photography that are related to one or more of these categories: metadata, internet technology, artificial intelligence, video, machine learning, future technology, visionary technology, internet cloud. We are not opposed to abstract concepts or abstract imagery/artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use artwork in your design, please let us know if it is public domain, or if you have the rights to use it, or if MetaBeyond will need to purchase rights. We prefer public domain.
What websites can designers draw inspiration from?
What do you like about these site?
The navigation is simple, and the pages are not complicated with busy images. The user can easily navigate and find information without being overwhelmed with the need to scroll past only images. Make the pages functional.
What would you like on each page?
Top navigation:
Category Titles: Product Features, Technology, Experience a Demo, Professional Services, Contact us.
Quick Search

Footer: Logo Home, Product Features, Technology, Experience a Demo, Professional Services, Contact us.
List any colors, themes or other elements that you don't want included.
Please do not submit designs that heavily use large images or use large amounts of empty space. We are a technology company therefore, the customer must be able to find information fast.
Required file format
  • (1) Jpeg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png
  • (5) Gif
Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
The design contest submission must include three pages: Homepage, and 2 other secondary pages that highlight how content could be organized in different layouts.
The 2 other pages could be:
- "Product Features" page which focuses on how a long list of product information (list of text, text/images, or video library) could be organized.
- "Form submission" focused page which would be used for requesting information, contacting the company, etc.

The site design must also be mobile friendly. Responsive design.

Within the design submissions, please include layout, content type, and widget examples such as:
2 Column Layout
3 Column Layout
Grid Layout
Text Block
Link Block
Header Section
Text to right of image
Text to left of image
Text above image
Text below image
Several list type widgets including bullet point list, numbered list
Video library
Image Gallery
Search results
Contact us
Form entry
Video player
Announcement/Press release
5 text block horizontal (with learn more feature)
4 text block horizontal (with learn more feature)
3 text block horizontal (with learn more feature)
Quick search
Search results
Article library
Lightbox Widget
Tabbed text block
Testimonial Widget

The domain name will be:

PLEASE NOTE: If you use artwork in your design, please let us know if it is public domain, or if you have the rights to use it, or if MetaBeyond will need to purchase rights. We prefer public domain.


Below is example text that can be used for text fill. Up to you if you want to use or not.

Company Slogan:
AI Driven Metadata and Content Management

Company statement:
MetaBeyond is an AWS cloud native AI driven metadata enrichment platform combined with a content management and delivery system. Built on the high performance AWS cloud architecture and service ecosystem, MetaBeyond is designed to function as a single full featured data connection content management and distribution hub, allowing you to manage ALL AI services that are used to enrich and empower your content, consolidating content metadata, and AI enrichment into a single unified management system.

Full Product Feature List:

Manage AI/ML Driven Metadata Enrichment Services
MetaBeyond provides pre-built integration with AI/ML driven metadata enrichment services so you can manage ALL in one platform. Native support for Rekognition, Transcribe, Translate, TensorFlow, MXnet, PyTorch, Chainer, and more.

Native to AWS Cloud
MetaBeyond is built to natively exist within AWS Cloud Architecture. Pre-built integrations with Amazon SNS, SQS, S3, Route 53, Elastic Search, AWS Elemental Services, and much more.

Manage Distribution Channels of AI/ML Enriched Assets
Seamlessly manage how assets and associated enriched metadata feed downstream systems.

MetaBeyind APIs
Our APIs provide functionality that cover all aspects of content management, publishing and presentation. 100% of the functionality of Vibrant Hub is accessible via our open APIs.

Bring Your Own UI
MetaBeyond's open API architecture fully support external front-end UI applications.

Tag Management
Tags are first class citizens within MetaBeyond. They are content like everything else. Vibrant Hub lets you manage your tag hierarchy and assign those tags to your content.

Content Models
Design content types using JSON Schema, inheritance and aspect-oriented schema. Connect your content together with associations and use relator properties.

Content Type Builder
Use a Drag-and-Drop Visual Designer that lets you quickly design content entry forms that your editorial teams will love.

Search, Query, Traverse, and Find anything you put into MetaBeyond using ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and our tag extractors.

Web Hooks
Configure your own web hook endpoints to listen for HTTP calls whenever content is created, updated or deleted or event notifications are raised.

MetaBeyond lets you wire in behaviors behind your content models so that rules automatically trigger actions when your content is worked with. These actions may fire web hooks, trigger additional AI/ML services, modify content and much more.

Rules and Triggers
Content rules provide a way for you to wire in business logic behind the content graph. Once they're set up, rules run automatically as content is created, updated and deleted within your branch.

Customizable Administration UI
Fully configure your own MetaBeyond Administration UI.

Custom Dashboards
You can customize dashboard in Platform and Project levels. Through a drag-and-drop feature, administrators and users are able to configure their tools and views.

Intuitive UI/UX
Focused on user-friendliness and simplicity. UI allows quick start, role model approach ensures personalized view for each editor.

Content Entry Forms
MetaBeyond automatically generates and displays mobile-friendly content entry templates.

Cross Platform Delivery
Supports all kinds of platforms and devices. Encoding platforms supported out-of-the-box. Highly scalable and built on latest industry standards.

Fully Customizable UI
Fully customizable and adaptable to individual needs. Flexible combination of automated and manual processes depending on requirements. Interoperable with 3rd party services and existing systems

Content Security
Designed for premium content. DRM supported out-of-the-box allowing a broad set of business models

Access Security
Secure your content with role-based, object-level access control, including user/group nesting, authority inheritance and propagated assignments.

Granular Permission Control
Every data store and object in MetaBeyond maintains access control lists so that you can finely describe the rights of any principal in the system against it. This lets you finely tune the rights of individual users against data stores and objects down to a single permission.

Git-like Versioning
Capture changes made by your editorial team with branches and full-site change set versioning. Scroll back to any moment in time to compare, restore or rollback.

Vibrant Hub provides a built-in audit system that track interactions between users and content objects within your content repository.

OAuth 2.0 Support
MetaBeyond supports OAuth2 for server authorization. OAuth2 provides a secure and robust method for authenticating clients and users to the server.

Single Sign On (SSO)
MetaBeyond offers Single Sign On (SSO) Enterprise support that provides ways for users to log in using their existing business accounts. It makes it possible for your users to authenticate to MetaBeyond without having to remember or type in their credentials every time.

MetaBeyond has full support for internationalization (I18N) so that any content you put into MetaBeyond supports multiple translation bundles. Content is localized on retrieval across every API call (search, query, read, traversal and more).

MetaBeyond deployment lets you publish content from a source Hub project branch to one or more destination deployment endpoints. These deployment endpoints may include Amazon S3 buckets, FTP servers, file system locations and other MetaBeyond branches.

MetaBeyond is built AWS Cloud Native, therefore AWS backup services are seamlessly integrated.

Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color





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