By Jay Design pro
Retail Website Design required
Kim Blackmore paid $2299 for a new Website Design and received 41 designs from 7 Designers.
“ good program site a bit confusing ”
By Jay Design pro

Retail Website Design required By Kim Blackmore

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Note : Design brief last updated on 26 July, 2019
Contest title

Retail Website Design required

What is your organization or website name?
Briefly describe what you do and your target audience.
Update: these are the requirements for the product page
See this example which I love the layout of
For the search categories on the left hand side (as the link above shows) please have the following categories
-Product Style
- Injury
- Intended Use

Designers: I will need 5 pages plus the landing page. To start this contest I have included the details of what is needed on a landing page. From their we can progress to the other pages. Please let me know if you have questions. I look forward to seeing your designs and working with you!

DMEforLess sells medical grade braces and supports to treat bones and tendons from sports related injuries. We sell braces from head all the way to the toes. For ex. Neck braces, back braces, wrist braces, knee braces, ankle braces. Working with DMEforLess means you get the best product, pricing and dedicated 5 star customer service to walk you through your entire experience with us.

Target audience: active people of any sort (older people who are looking for aides to run/walk, athletes looking to proactively prevent injuries, young people playing sports). The customers get to skip going to the doctor office for a brace and buy directly from us medical grade products. Saving time and money.

Logo (small size)
Promenet tag line (larger font) 'USA’s first choice for braces and supports'
Company phone number 877-681-7456
Live chat option (I like the way the pop up works on Design Hill when you press chat)
Key phrases: Overnight/2 Day Shipping, Simple Exchanges

Image of person with phrase (What are you looking to treat?) See link for inspiration

NEXT ON LANDING PAGE requirements:
See this link for design inspiration

About DMEforLess
See the About Us attachment I placed in this contest for inspiration

Stay Connected (enter email address) to sign up for DMEforLess newsletter
Links to:
Linked In

Links to
My Account
View CArt
About DMEforLess
Shipping Rate
Customer Care
Contact Us
Learn More
Security and Privacy

Disclaimer at very bottom of LANDING PAGE
DMEforLEss nor any of its subsidiaries dispense medical advice. The contents of this website do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Information related to various health, medical, and fitness conditions and their treatment is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by a physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Rather, please consult your healthcare professional for information on the courses of treatment, if any, which may be appropriate for you.

Some of my competitors:
This company does well online. Their website design looks so basic and boring to me. I think we can do so much better with! I do like how it list so many products on the initial page. I suspect this company does well because the site is pretty simple.
I do like how they have a sizing chart you can click on with the ruler. This is what I mean:
Then once you click on it this pulls up
If I can have the option to do this on my store that would be wonderful!
I really like the about us with video here
also the Where does it Hurt product selection as noted above

I need to hold all the rights to the design, so if I want to alter this design I can rehire the designer who built the site or choose to work with another designer.

Select your industry
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color
Other colors: blues and greens on my logo whites and blacks also okay
Required file format (Website Design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Png
  • (4) Pdf

Announcements and public discussion board

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