Sophisticated, Classy, Playful Golf Website Redesign
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Sophisticated, Classy, Playful Golf Website Redesign By Steven Davis

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Note : Design brief last updated on 11 April, 2020
Contest title

Sophisticated, Classy, Playful Golf Website Redesign

What is your organization or website name?
The Golf Valet (
Briefly describe what you do and your target audience.
Collect golf information from a cell phone application to a website that manages leagues. Target audience is league secretaries (golfers), and golf course owners. Website will expand to a turnkey golf course application.

Owners will have information about their courses and their business in this site.
League secretaries enter golfer league statistics into this site.
Players will see their statics / reports / and rankings here.
I've created a mobile application for players to enter their information here / real time without a scorecard...making it easier for leagues an their secretaries.
Players will be updated on their mobile phones with real time data about the round they're playing.
Select your industry
If you have an existing website, please list it here.
What ideas do you have for the style/theme of your website design?
Looking for something that is immersive and playfully sophisticated as depicted by the images included. The website is to be the look as if to serve the user (valet).

Darker tone with light accents preferred, but can be brown tone with darker accents...see pictures.

I'm really looking for contrasts. Yellow on on beige, but it has to look classy. See pics.
What websites can designers draw inspiration from?
What do you like about these site?
Immersive, interactive, classy and professional
What would you like on each page?
Picture navigation
Same classy tone throughout
We'll do some animation of pictures / video (valet putting his hand out presenting a tray of options type of thing...maybe)
Immersive background
Darker tone
Stick to the playful sophistication theme
List any colors, themes or other elements that you don't want included.
I don't want it to be primarily green like all the other golf websites. Green should only be in pictures of the courses, holes, fairways, etc.
Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
Check out the website!

Pages for:
Landing Page ""
Players Page ""
Rounds Page ""

May need additional help with mobile app design matching the brand here.
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color
Other colors: #feda6a #d4d4dc #393f4d #1d1e22 #f5f5f5 #DEB992 #0894d0
Visual brief - Font
Dummy Text

font-family: 'Playball'

Dummy Text

font-family: 'Alegreya SC'

Dummy Text

font-family: 'IM Fell English SC'

Dummy Text

font-family: 'Josefin Slab'

Other fonts: Century Schoolbook
Required file format (Website Design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Png
  • (4) Pdf

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