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Technology Graphical Design Web
Tyler Barnett paid $999 for a new Website Design and received 42 designs from 9 Designers.
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Technology Graphical Design Web By Tyler Barnett

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Note : Design brief last updated on 13 February, 2020
Contest title

Technology Graphical Design Web

What is your organization or website name?
Briefly describe what you do and your target audience.
We are a technology stack created for collecting information from vendors/companies/employees checking credentials every time an individual wants to gain entry to one of our customers locations.
Very similar to a Visitor Management system however we go deeper into the visiting individuals credentials and company that they are representing checking documents, government regulations etc.
Our current clients include heavy industrial companies example: Mines, Refineries, Oil/Gas. other clients include production facilities which would include food manufacturing facilities, other material manufactured. Our target tends to require many documents to gain entry which is where we assist.
We are a technology house with software engineers which enables us to not require site development however we are not graphical designers and that is what we are after.
Our product is in production however it only is utilized on the backend which is what the customers utilize we currently have no landing page/ product page/ marketing/ advertising pages and that is where we require assistance.
Our front end stack is React JS, we utilize Material-UI for the majority of our editing.
We believe that the nav bar would be best suited on the top right, simple/clean/professional once logged in we will hide the bar so you as a designer do not need to worry about having the graphics exactly line up with the backend, the logo can be grabbed from images or site for utilization of this bid.
Select your industry
If you have an existing website, please list it here.
What ideas do you have for the style/theme of your website design?
needs to flow with the logo in some degree
What websites can designers draw inspiration from? <- similar to what we do. <- basic version of what we do. <- Very clean landing page <- simlar to what we do <- clean design (not remotely close to what we do, only design) <- clean design (not remotely close to what we do, only design) <- to much information for user to read
What would you like on each page?
Homepage <- inviting, clean, we do sell a service/ software however we wont post prices and really what were after is a meeting with said visitor to the site.
Product page <- more indepth page about the product, maybe customer testimonials?
Industries <- industries and how we facilitate in those industries.
something similar is always welcome
Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
We will need some type of navbar keeping it simple and easy to understand.
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color


Light neutrals


Dark neutrals

Required file format (Website Design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Png
  • (4) Pdf
Required file format (LinkedIn Cover Design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Png
  • (4) Pdf

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