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Only selected designers are eligible for One to One Projects. Please create your portfolio and submit it for approval by our design experts.

Work 1-to-1 with your favorite clients We make it simple to get hired and earn money

Chat directly with your favorite clients on the basis of their work and profile. Get to finalize a price for your services and earn money in a safe and secure manner. So, get hired for multiple projects with multiple clients at the same time while managing everything from one place.

Simple workflow for all projects


Invite a client

Review the project details, agree on a price and get started.


Complete the job

Clients pre-pay so you know you’ll be safe doing the work.


Earn your money

You’ll get paid securely as soon as you deliver the final files.

Tackle design projects easily

Initiate new jobs

Planning follow-up work for a client you met on designhill? Invite them to work directly with you on a 1-to-1 project.


Name a fair price

You’ll scope out the project, give the client a quote and agree on a price upfront so there are no surprises.


Collaborate with confidence

We’ll take care of the copyright transfer and secure payment process so you can focus on designing.


Streamline collaboration

No more lost emails — now you and your client can share ideas, designs and feedback all in one place.


Start your design project today

invite Clients

“Amazing website! Good experience and very supportive designhill team!”

invite Clients

Projects are free to create. Invoices include a flat $ fee.


What clients can I work with on one-to-one projects?

On a one-to-one project, you can work with any client including:

  • Clients who invite you directly to participate in their one-to-one project.

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Do I need to bid to participate in a one-to-one project?

No! Clients will invite you directly to participate in their one-to-one projects or even you may invite clients to start a one-to-one project. 

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Why should I invite clients outside of Designhill to participate in one-to-one projects?

If you have a client outside of Designhill but want to use 1-to-1 Projects to collaborate and secure your payments, invite them to launch a one-to-one

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What Payment Options are Available for One-to-One Projects?

The payment options available with Designhill are:

  • PayPal

  • Skrill

All payments are held securely by Designhill and are releas

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When should I send an invoice for a one-to-one project?

We encourage you to send an invoice to the client as per the project milestones and payment points agreed with the client. It is important to pre-dete

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How Much Does Designhill Charge me to participate in a One-to-One Project?

Designhill charges a fee flat 10% of each amount invoiced through One-to-One Project. The fee is clearly mentioned on each invoice received and sent t

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Hire expert designers from around the world

Quickly hire, manage and pay freelance graphic designers. With over 39363 graphic designers in our community, Designhill can cover all your design needs including logos, websites & more.

How to get started ?

Discover the perfect designer for your project

With over 39363 graphic designers in our community, designhill can cover all your design needs.


Invite the designer to work

The best designers are right at your finger tips and can be invited with the click of a button.


Collaborate quickly and securely

Our tools make giving feedback a snap, working with a designer has never been easier!


Finding the perfect designer is easy

Discover Designers

“Really nice website, with great opportunities! Very happy to work here! :)”


What is a One-to-One Project?

One-to-One projects is an online space where you can directly collaborate with individual designers, view designs, provide your feedback, receive invo

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Why should I launch One-to-One Projects?

One-to-One projects come packed with a host of benefits for design seekers. Here’s a little list of just some of the many benefits. 

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Which designers can I invite to work with on a One-to-One Project?

You can invite any designers registered with Designhill.com to work on One-to-One Projects. 

These designers may be: 

Designers that y

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How can I invite designers to my One-to-One Project?

Here’s how you can invite designers of your choice to participate in your One-to-One Projects. 

Visit One-to-One Project page and click on G

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How Do I Select Budget & Terms for My One-to-One Projects?

One-to-One Projects have no fixed budgets you can negotiate the terms and payments with the designer directly. However, please be advised that na

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Do I get Invoices?

You don’t need to worry about the invoicing related issues. Designers will send you invoices directly.

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