10 Amazing Tour and Travel Logo Designs That Inspire

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Although there are thousands of logos from tours and travel companies, but only a few of them are known for their aesthetic appeal and pleasing design. In fact, these are the logos that have long been able to catch the fancy of visitors who in turn have showed interest in the business represented by their tour and travel logo designs. These are also the logos that have helped the business grow and flourish.

The tours and travel logo designers make extra efforts to create logos that compel visitors to inquire about the products or services offered by the business. To envisage and create such logos, the designers must carefully take into account the message of the client’s business.

Then, incorporate the elements such as colors, fonts, space, text, pictures or icons etc in such way that it delivers the message in clear language to the target audience. Surely, the designers have to put in additional efforts to create the logos that meet the purpose.

Still, a great logo design is not merely conveying a message. Almost every logo communicates a message. But the people or targeted customers are not easily pleased by placing any logo on products or services. Only something unique but simple design can catch their attention.

So, conveying a message is not enough. Most importantly it is the manner in which the message is delivered that matters. A successful tour and travel logo design created specifically by professional for  travel companies will not restrict itself to just saying something to the visitors.

Here Are Some Examples Of Amazing Tour And Travel Logo Designs


The first striking feature of these amazing logos that we have listed below is the simplicity in their design. There are only a few elements in which the designers have said what they wish to convey. Not a single additional element has found place in the logo designs. Quite naturally, the simplicity of these tour and travel logo designs has been able to lure a fair share of visitors into using the services provided by the business.

Aesthetic Value

All of these logos are designed with optimal aesthetical value. The designers have used the elements of colors and fonts in a balanced way. This ensures symmetry of design, which in turn makes the logos look pleasing. All of these tour and travel logo designs are a work of inspiring art by the designers.

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Clever Use of Fonts

As you visit these logo designs, you will notice a clever use of fonts. The fonts are not monotonous. Instead, there is a wise use of variation in fonts. Almost each logo has a single font but within it there is a variation. Sometime, a typeface has been broken into dotted line. German Tour and travel logo is unique in its design as it uses the fonts to shape up the logo design. Such experiments with fonts can inspire the designers as they notice the strategic use of the typefaces.

Few Colors

Another feature of the logos is that they use just one or two colors. In fact, there is one dominant color while the other one’s presence is also equally good and enhances the design. A strategy adopted by the designers is to bring a less dominant color only to break the monotony of the design, if a single color is used.

So, here’s our hand-picked selection of 10 best logo designs that were created for tour and travel companies. As a logo designer, these logos can teach a lot to you. So, what should you note while seeing these ads?Enjoy these creative works.


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You can take inspiration from these logos and make your dream tour and travel logo design breathe to life!

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