3 Ways in Which Infographics Can Promote Your Business

The importance of infographics is now acknowledged by a majority of business owners. They create infographics with the intention that viewers will grasp business related facts and data quickly.  In fact, if used wisely, businesses can turn infographics into a powerful marketing tool.

Infographics– An Established Trend Now

A majority of businesses incorporate infographics in their content strategies. Within a written content page, they specially create some space for display of infographics to ensure that readers can better understand the topic through the visuals.

Already,businesses have been displaying facts or progress of a project through infographics as part of the presentation to the clients.  Also, professionals, business owners and people now search the web for relevant infographics to quickly grasp facts related to a certain issue.

Albert Costil in Search Engine Journal says, ‘’within the last decade infographics have become an increasing trend. In fact, from 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes have increased over 800%. Suffice it to say, that’s an outstanding trend.’’

1.  A Way To Content Marketing

For small businesses particularly, infographics are an effective way to convey the information to target audience.

The visuals used in the infographics help in marketing your business content easily to more people. While the statistics are boring and dry, they become interesting and shareable when incorporated in infographics.

Indeed, due to the interesting visuals, readers can relate to the visualized information better. After all, the whole concept behind infographics is to breathe life into the statistics.

Surely, a well-designed layout of infographics helps the viewers in keeping focus on the data for better understanding the topic

2. An Effective SEO Tool

Infographics are gaining importance also due to its role in bringing websites up on the search engine result pages.

Google works hard to eliminate spammy links and now its emphasis is on rewarding the websites that receive natural links. People share useful infographics on social networking sites and this generates many more natural links for a website.

Jonathan Long in Huffington Post says, ‘’Infographics are a great way to engage readers because they draw attention and they result in a lot of social sharing. A well thought out and well-designed infographic will be shared across social media platforms and get shared on relevant websites. This is the natural link building that Google loves to see, and they reward websites accordingly.’’

3. So, How Should You Design Infographics For Your Business Promotion?

Infographics work for your business better when they are designed carefully in keeping with your business requirements. The experienced professionals know how to convey your business message and the information to the clients by use of the graphics.

Here, the designer uses some techniques of communication to send the message across the viewers. But instead of words or statistics, the infographics designers use colors, style, images, and font sizes etc elements to communicate with the audience.

 Keep Infographic Design Simple

Infographics design should be simple, besides being visually appealing. A simple design helps the viewers in focusing on the facts that are being revealed through the graphics.

But too much data in the graphics should be avoided as it will lead the viewers nowhere. So, select only a few data that is necessary to convey your message. Also, do not crowd the small space of the infographics with a lot of design elements.

 A Unique Design Is Desirable

Make sure that your infographic design looks unique. Viewers find routine designs of the graphics boring. They have already seen thousands of such graphics created on template programs.

To keep the viewers engaged, ensure that the design is unique. This means that the graphics have custom made features that spell out what your business is all about. The unique design is crucial also to ensure interaction with your clients.

Ensure Creative Design

Simplicity and uniqueness is not sufficient. Along with these attributes, creative infographics design also contributes a lot in promoting your business.

The viewers must feel that they are witnessing special design of infographics. This will make the presentation memorable and that will help in conveying your business message.

More Visuals And Less Text

An efficient infographic design consists of more visual elements than text. Infographics is a visual medium to communicate your idea of business and so use of text should be restricted to minimum.

Visuals such as graphics, data and may be some animation should occupy most of the space in infographics. Use text sparingly where it is necessary to elaborate on the facts. Your factual data and impactful graphics should rule the limited space.

Design For Easy Sharing

Businesses create infographics to advance their interests in the market. For this, they want the users to share infographics across social networking sites.

This will help in creating a buzz for your business. The social sharing will help in promoting your business on the web. So, the infographics should have social sharing widget installed so that viewers can quickly share it across their social profiles.

You can also provide the HTML code which other websites can use to display your infographic. You will benefit by gaining new links this way.

What are your thoughts on infographics as a business promotion tool? You can share your thoughts with us here.

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By Jelly Shah

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