5 Crucial Tips To Create Unique Business Logo

5 Crucial Tips to Create Unique Business Logo Design

Your business must boast of a great logo that can communicate with your target audience in an effective way. In fact, logo is an effective marketing tool that helps greatly in conveying your business message to your target audience and makes it stand out from the crowd in. It also helps in combating your competitors due to its unique design.

In this article, we discuss the ways to create business logo design that is unique and has all the essential ingredients to impress potential customers. So without further ado,

Let’s Discuss Some key points to Create Unique Business Logo Design

Unique Logo Design

It is important that your company’s logo must stand out in the crowd of thousands of other logos in the same business. To beat your competition hands down, your logo must have a unique design that others do not have. But know that it is not just about avoiding imitation and is about creating something different and out-of-the-box.

The designer must come out with some creative idea for your logo. However, it makes sense to ensure that the idea is instantly liked by everyone in the market. Moreover, unique idea is also important to avoid plagiarism which may prove to be very proposition for any business. If you copy others’ idea of logo, then you may end up facing legal battles. Now-a-days one have multiple options for creating a logo according to the budget, one can go for an professional agency, hire a designer on your own, crowdsource your design or can create your logo design by yourself using logo maker tool.

Know The Brand Well

Before you take the logo project to the drawing board, it is important to know the brand well. Find out if the brand is focused more on evoking emotions or is it utility-driven. Understand if the brand is quirky or contemporary. What are the brand’s aspirations and what the customers expect from it? Overall, you must find out the brand’s personality and reflect it in the logo design.

If you take a closer look at Apple and Wikipedia logos, they have some elements that take them back to their brand ideology. The fruit in Apple logo is missing a ‘’byte’’, whereas Wikipedia logo comprises of an unfinished globe of puzzle pieces, asking the viewers to contribute. So, understand the brand to ensure a wise creation of the logo.

Color With A Purpose

Use colors carefully in accordance to the brand’s personality. Every color has the capability to evoke certain set of emotions. For example, red evokes energy and boldness; orange evokes creativity, youthfulness; and yellow expresses optimism and inventiveness. Similarly, blue is known for trustworthiness and purple for spirituality and trust. Black is a color for showing power and credibility. White should be used when you need to reflect purity, while pink is an ideal color to show fun side of something. A careful selection of color scheme in small business logos can help in making a lasting impact on the viewers.

Logotype Or Logo Mark

You must carefully choose if you want to create a logotype or a logo mark as a logo. If your company name is unique such as Google, then it makes sense to opt for a logotype. You can incorporate your company name to create the logo in such designs. An advantage of such a logo is that the logo itself becomes a marketing tool as the viewers will be introduced to your company name instantly as soon as they look at the logo.

But if your company name is ordinary and sounds just any other name, then logo mark will be a better choice. In such a logo option, you should create a symbol or icon that can represent your business. Symbol such as Nike’s ‘swoosh’ and Apple’s ‘fruit with a byte’ are nice examples of symbols making a logo.

Create A Simple Logo

Make sure that your professional business logo design is simple and nice to look at. Avoid using more than two colors and fonts, and keep the lines and shape simple. A complicated design leaves consumers confused and may have an adverse impact on your business.

However, simple designs must also pack in some surprise element for onlookers. For example, FedEx logo is a simple design but it has an arrow hidden in its white space between the letters E and X. The arrow surprises and enhances the value of the simple logo. Similarly, Amazon logo is simple but an arrow in the shape of a smile joins the letter ‘a’ to ‘z’, which says that the online shopping site has everything for the consumers.

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